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Bulgarian Magazines

Bulgarian Magazines

Bulgarian AK-47 Magazines: USSR Heritage, Half a Century of AK Expertise, Amazing Value

Not all brands are created equal. Especially not when your brand is a country, as is the case with Bulgarian AK magazines…

They’re manufactured primarily at the ISD plant in Sophia, Bulgaria by workers and engineers who’ve spent a lifetime working with AK-pattern rifles, magazines and accessories.

Among experienced shooters, Bulgarian polymer magazines are considered top-of-the-line, and even surplus Bulgarian steel magazines can be highly sought-after.

Bulgarian polymer mags feature a simple, slab-sided design with metal-lined feed lips and inserts that go down for up to 13 rounds. Bulgarian steel magazines also feature reinforced feed lips/upper area, with a ridged design for positive handling.

All Bulgarian magazines pass strict military testing for function, strength, sand/dust resistance, water and temperature extremes. Each factory magazine comes with a certificate of proof that it’s passed each of these tests.

And on top of all that, Bulgarian steel magazines come with a lifetime warranty on function. Ride ‘em hard, put ‘em up wet. These are the magazines your AK REALLY wants…

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