Your Guide to the World of Glock Gen 3 Clones

Have you noticed a huge uptick in Glock clones? I’m not sure who started it, but I do seem to recall PSA being the first to be fairly out loud about it. Since then, the idea of Glock clones has exploded in popularity. Why? Well, it’s an open-source design at this point. Building new guns is tough, so taking what works, putting your own spin on it, and releasing it is pretty easy. Plus, the Glock magazines, accessories, and upgrades conquered the market decades ago.

The big question is would you buy a Glock clone over a Glock-brand Glock? That’s up to you to decide. The Glock clone market seems to be more willing to address the problems with Glock pistols, including grip angle and ergonomic complaints. Some of these clones have better optic mounting options than the MOS series. Others are simply cheaper but feature-filled. Options are nice, so let’s take a look at what those options look like.

Polymer 80 PF940C

Polymer 80 has likely been the biggest contributor to modern Glock clones. Their 80% frames allowed a lot of people to dive into the world of making their own. The Polymer 80 frames are the basis for a great many Glock clones. The PF940C is a compact Glock 19-size clone that works with both 9mm and 40 S&W. It’s available in numerous sizes and tons of configurations.

Polymer 80 PF940C
Polymer 80 famously made 80% Glock frames, but now they produce complete Glock clones.

The frame is where the magic really comes from. It’s a redesigned frame that addresses a lot of Glock complaints. This includes a slight overhang to prevent slide bite, a 19° grip angle, and a trigger guard that allows and encourages a higher grip without rubbing and irritation. Plus, it uses a real rail instead of that weird Glock one.

Anderson Kiger

The Anderson Kiger series was quite a surprise. Anderson is mostly known for their affordable series of AR rifles and pistols. They jumped into the handgun market feet first with the Kiger pistol. This Glock 19-sized clone comes with all the fancy modern line world and modern features. The guns come in both standard and Pro configurations with varying features.

Anderson kiger 9c
The Anderson Kiger 9C was a surprise from a company known for its rifles.

The Pro’s slide is fancier, with all sorts of cool cuts to make it look more distinctive. The Pro also comes with suppressor height sights and is optics-ready. The Standard lacks the lightening cuts, has standard sights, and is not optics ready. Anderson’s Kiger pistols seem well-built and make use of the Polymer 80 frame.

Palmetto State Armory Dagger

Palmetto State Armory has an entire lineup of pistols in their Dagger series. The Dagger series comes in a full and compact as well as a Micro-sized firearm. The Dagger designs are also varied quite a bit with features and designs. Most are seemingly optics-ready, and there are various models with suppressor height sights, fancy lightening cuts, and threaded barrels.

PSA Dagger handgun
The Dagger is PSA’s take on the Gen 3 Glock.

The PSA Dagger utilizes PSA’s own frame, which is quite ergonomic and feels excellent in your hand. A slight overhang prevents slide bite, and the grip is heavily textured. The PSA series is impressively affordable and quite diverse in its options and designs.

Adams Arms AA19

Adams Arms makes piston-driven AR-15 rifles, and just a couple of years ago, they dived headfirst into the world of handguns with the AA19. The company had been producing various Glock slides and accessories, so it seems to be a natural extension to just produce an entire gun. The AA19 is decked out in tons of features.

AA-19 handgun
Adams Arms might be famous for their ARs, but the AA-19 broke the mold.

It’s optics-ready and comes with blacked-out Ameriglo sights. The trigger is a Tangodown Vickers trigger. The frame comes from P80, with awesome ergonomics, and it has a real Picatinny rail. It’s topped off with a threaded barrel to make it muzzle-device-ready.

Matrix Arms MX19

Let’s get rid of the polymer that made Glock famous. Matrix Arms makes the MX19 with its really cool all-metal frame. Glock was famous for making polymer frames acceptable and kicked off the trend that we see to this day. Matrix Arms wants to go back to steel to help produce a tighter tolerance gun that can be more accurate and more durable than your standard polymer frame.

Matrix Arms MX19
The MX19 mixes aluminum with polymer perfectly.

The metal grip is outfitted with a set of polymer grip panels to preserve the stickiness and improved grip that polymer offers. The frame features a reduced beavertail cut out for easy handling, and the trigger guard allows for a comfy high grip. The slides are optics-ready and come with high-visibility sights. They are expensive guns, but most certainly interesting ones.

Alpha Foxtrot AF-C

From one metal frame to another, we can’t forget about the Alpha Foxtrot AF-C pistol. It’s one of the first aluminum frame Glock Gen 3 clones on the market. It’s made from anodized aluminum and forged in the fires of a — well, a forge. The gun uses a more 1911-ish grip angle complete with a fairly large beavertail.

Alpha foxtrot metal frame gun -  glock clones
If you like the 1911-grip but the GLock capacity then the Alpha Foxtrot is for you.

The AF-C comes in a few different configurations. The more tactical variant stands out most. Its optic’s ready and has a threaded barrel. These guns are all roughly Glock 19-sized with a slightly longer grip, but they do still fit the standard Glock 19 15-round magazine.

Faxon FX-19

Faxon is well known for their various barrels, but did you know they make Glock clones? They use what appears to be P80-made frames, but that’s a benefit as far as I’m concerned. The P80 frames have a great reputation and excellent ergonomics. Faxon makes two pistols, the Hellfire and the Patriot. The Hellfire is the decked-out, more expensive tactical pistol, and the Patriot is slightly more standard.

FX-19 faxon - glock clones
The Faxon takes tactical to new levels.

Both are good-looking pistols with modern features. The Hellfire and Patriot both use compact frames. Both are optics-ready, and both have suppressor height sights. The Hellfire comes with a +5 on the 15-round magazine, as well as a threaded barrel and lightening cuts in the slides. Both are fairly custom options, and the price reflects that.

Lone Wolf Dusk 19

Lone Wolf is an old-school name in the world of Glock accessories. They’ve been building parts and pieces for Glock pistols for as long as I can remember. Years ago, they released their first complete pistols, and most recently, they produced the Dusk 19. The Dusk 19 is, unsurprisingly, a Glock 19-sized pistol in 9mm.

Dusk 19 lone wolf - glock clones
Lone Wolf was one of the original Glock custom shops and continues to innovate.

The Dusk 19 comes with a number of ergonomic upgrades that make it stand out. These include an optics-ready design, suppressor height sights, a proper Picatinny rail, and a redesigned trigger guard to prevent Glock knuckles. Lone Wolf uses their own frame, instead of using the Polymer 80 options.

Shadow Systems DR920

Talk about how to mix marketing with great guns. The Shadow Systems DR920 series conquered the marketing game and, luckily, produced a finely tuned pistol to back up all that marketing. The DR920 series are hopped-up duty-sized guns in the Glock 17 footprint. They have custom frames that are quite nice and very grippy. Optics cuts and suppressor height sights are standard.

shadow systems glock clones
The Shadow Systems DR920 series handguns are dressed to the nines…

The trigger is fantastic, and the company makes both a standard and elite model. The Elite has a fancier slide than the standard. The frame has a beavertail and an undercut trigger guard for a nice high grip that works to increase control. Plus, you can swap the rear grip panels, which is pretty neat.

Glock Glock Glock

There are so many that I’m likely missing. The Glock world has grown beyond Glock, and the Gen 3 series has essentially become the AR of pistols. Anyone and everyone can make one. Competition turns out to be a good thing as we see prices drop and features improve. The Gen 3 has certainly taken on new life.

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner and a lifelong firearms enthusiast. Now that his days of working a 240B like Charlie Parker on the sax are over he's a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is probably most likely the world's Okayest firearm instructor. He is a simplicisist when it comes to talking about himself in the 3rd person and a self-professed tactical hipster. Hit him up on Instagram, @travis.l.pike, with story ideas.

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