XTech Tactical MAG47: The Ultimate AK-47 Magazine

Shooters have a myriad of laws to adhere to, and for some, the restriction on magazine capacity is nothing new. XTech Tactical has updated its MAG47 line of magazines to include options for 10-round limiters, which is a great option for those folks that live or travel in states with heavier magazine restriction laws.

XTech Tactical MAG47 10 Round magazine
XTech Tactical has updated its line of MAG47 magazines to include 10-round variants. These 10-round magazines are compliant in locations where magazine capacity is restricted to 10-rounds but can be modified to full capacity where legal.

Features of the MAG47 magazines include:

  • Stainless Steel reinforced feed lips and locking lugs for smoother ammo feeding.
  • Solid steel machined rear lug.
  • Marked as 10rd Magazine for easy identification.
  • Reduced Spring to keep magazine inside capacity / Will not function with blocker removed.
  • Super tough composite construction.
  • Fits most AK47 rifles.
  • Spring anti-bind mechanism for the proper function of the magazine.
  • Stainless steel spring.
  • Quick-release base plate for easy cleaning.
  • 10-round capacity.

The XTech 10-round magazines are available in the MAG47, MAG47mil, and MAG47 Elite versions, with the MAG47 Elite being the 10-round variant of its popular MAG47 30-round magazine. The 10/30 magazines are US-made slab-side rifle magazines that have stainless steel reinforced feed lips and locking lugs.

According to the company, the same material used in the magazine construction is the same high-performance material as the MIL which is the strongest US-made AK magazine on the market. Additionally, with the feed lips, the magazine is said to feed the 7.62×39 ammunition flawlessly. The 10/30 magazines allow the user to convert the magazine to full capacity where legal. A Free State Adapter would need to be purchased by the end user to convert the magazine to full capacity. Just removing the block inside the magazine would not work, as the spring is not the correct one for full capacity. The company maintains that all end users need to know all local and state laws to ensure their own compliance.

The XTech MAG47 magazines follow in line with the company’s desire to be the leading innovator in the market and pledges to continue to bring innovative products to its customers. Additionally, to continue to support the fight to maintain, or enhance, firearm ownership rights, the company is donating $2 for every 10/30 magazine sold from their site through the end of 2022 to Gun Owners of America.

The XTech MAG47 10/30 magazine retails for $32.95, with specialty colors available between $57.95 and $62.95.

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