XS Sights Announces new Armorers Block for AR Platforms

At some point or another, we’ve all had the need to use an armorers block with an AR rifle but didn’t have one. The good news is that XS Sights just announced the release of their new armorers block for use on AR platforms.

XS Sights Armorers Block for AR 15 Platforms
XS Sights recently announced the newest version of their Armorers Block made to accept most all AR-15/10 platforms currently on the market.

XS Sights is reportedly known for making some of the most innovative sights on the market and is designed to be the best on the market. Their new block is sure to match that mold. It is designed for use with the upper or lower receiver and will allow gunsmiths or at-home types to hold an AR-15, M4, AR-10, SR-25, or DPMS GII receiver in a bench-mounted vise to assemble, modify or maintain almost any platform on the market.

“Most armorers blocks will only fit one specific style AR rifle,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager for XS Sights. “Our gen 2 block provides versatility, allowing the user to work on upper and lower receivers of almost any AR pattern rifle. It’s virtually a one-size-fits-all solution.”

XS Sigts Armorers Block with pins and fitment screw
The XS Sights Armorers Block comes with pins to lock in the receiver and a fitment screw for the AR-15 lower.

Made domestically from 6061 T6 aluminum, this versatile, durable and reliable XS Armorers Block comes with pins to lock in the receiver and a fitment screw for the AR-15 lower. To use this block with AR10 lowers, XS offers a 3D printed adapter plate for purchase or plans to print your own if you have a printer.

XS Sights Armorer Block AR-10 adapter
The XS Sights Armorers Block has an additional adapter plate so the block can be used with AR10 style platforms as well. The plate can either be purchased or the user can download the 3D printer plans from the XS Sights website.

The Armors Block works with a DPMS patterned 308, DPMS GII, Armalite Rifle, and most all standard AR-15/10 pattern rifles. Base retail for the upgraded block is $83. As with all XS Sights products, there is a No Questions asked warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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