Winchester Repeating Arms announced several new pump action shotguns for 2017. These guns cover everything from turkey and deer hunting to self-defense on the high seas. Without further preamble, let’s get right into the new SXP scatterguns.

20 Gauge Black Shadow Deer

Part of the Black Shadow line, this new shotgun is chambered in 20 gauge. This gives deer hunters a lighter recoiling option when in the field. For small framed shooters, this can be a real shoulder saver.

The gun has a 22” rifled barrel and is equipped with Truglo fiber optic sights. The top of the receiver is drilled and tapped for the addition of a scope or other optic. The shotgun does have a 3” chamber.

Winchester uses a matte black finish on the gun. The bolt has a black chrome finish to ensure corrosion resistance and a match to the gun’s exterior finish. An Inflex Technology recoil pad is attached to the rear of the synthetic stock to help absorb the gun’s kick.

Winchester set the suggested retail price at $519.99. 

SXP Shadow Marine Defender

Winchester Marine Shotgun

A pump shotgun has long been considered a top choice for home defense, police duty and military service. The design tends to be both reliable and devastatingly effective. For specialized environments where additional durability is required, Winchester now offers the Shadow Marine Defender.

The Marine Defender is designed for the harsh environment of a ship at sea. Nothing corrodes metal quicker than the salt air and spray of ocean water. Yet with piracy and drug runners, a captain would do well to have a 12 gauge for close encounters.

To increase corrosion resistance, Winchester uses a hard chrome plating on the barrel, slide arms  and magazine tube. Additionally, the chamber and bore are hard chrome plated. The bolt and other metal components have a black chrome finish.

This pistol grip pump has a solid shoulder stock for maximum control. Additionally, the surfaces of the pistol grip and fore end are textured for a good hand hold even when things get wet. The stock has interchangeable combs to adjust the height for best fit with an optic or the standard bead sight.

Winchester matches this 12 gauge gun with a 3” chamber and a 5 round magazine. The MSRP is less expensive than one might think: $499.99. 

SXP Turkey

Winchester Turkey Shotgun 

For you turkey hunters out there, Winchester is now offering a pump gun developed just for you. The SXP Turkey is available in both 12 and 20 gauge with 3.5” and 3” chambers respectively. The guns have a 24” back bored barrel. Both the chamber and bore are hard chrome plated.

Winchester includes a One Invector-Plus turkey choke with these guns and installs Truglo fiber optic rifle sights. The traditionally shaped stock is made of a synthetic material, and it has a Inflex Technology recoil pad attached at the rear. Both models are well under 7 pounds and have a MSRP of $439.99.