Why You Need Better AR Followers

If you’ve got some old-school AR-15 mags you may have noticed that sometimes the rounds don’t feed right. There’s a reason for that. Those old-school AR followers often fail to slide down evenly, so the rounds tend to tilt down. When this happens, they won’t feed correctly. This of course can cause a number of problems.

Old-School AR Followers

This is why you need a better AR follower. Avoid the tilt so you can get consistent load feed.
This is why you need a better AR follower. Get rid of the tilt so you can get consistent load feed.

The GunMag TV video below explains how to fix the problem. Basically, you need to upgrade your AR  followers. Watch the video to see the difference.

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Self-Leveling AR Followers

AR-15 magazines have changed a lot over the years. AR follower design improvement is one of the best changes. Now, shooters can upgrade their AR mags by installing self-leveling or anti-tilt followers. These followers are made so that the entire follower slides down, instead of just the one side. If you want to keep your rifle running with a higher level of reliability, consider switching out your older follower for a self-leveling follower.

If you have old mags that tilt, Gunmag Warehouse offers a 3-pack of MagPul Enhanced Self-Leveling Followers for standard USGI magazines that will solve your problem. They are made from a non-hygroscopic, self-lubricating polymer and are available in green or yellow, depending on your preference. As Shaw mentioned in the video, the yellow offers higher visibility than the green.

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