What’s In the Box? Handguns That Come With the Best Cases

If you own a gun, you probably have the case or box it came in, right? In the closet, out in the garage, or somewhere else out of sight. If you own 10 guns, you probably have 10 cases or boxes somewhere. I’m sure some people keep their handguns in the nice case they came in. But the rest of us make comments about how nice it is before we put it on a shelf and never look at it again. The accessories that come in the case or box are also exciting to find, but some of us also leave that stuff in the box and never touch it.

One of my kids asked me why I had so many gun boxes, cases, and bags in the basement. I had trouble giving them a good answer except for resale purposes. But kids are persistent, and she asked what guns I was planning to sell. I gave the correct answer: guns aren’t for selling. None of that makes any sense to anyone, anywhere, unless you have guns too. You like the nice solid gun case, but you don’t use it either. It’s too big and bulky to store the gun in. Even if the gun came in a cheap cardboard box, we save that too.

The truth is though, gun cases help the gun sell at a higher price if we do need some quick cash. The person you sell it to will not use the case either, but they will pay more for the gun if you have the original box. So, if you want to know what guns come with the best cases and accessories, here are some of the ones that have impressed me over the years.

Bull Armory AXE (Glock Clone)

The Bull Armory AXE case is by far the nicest gun case I have seen that comes standard with the gun. It’s a soft zip-up case that can double as a carry bag.  I’ve never used it, but it was a nice surprise to find when I opened the box. This case appears to be durable with a zipper closure.

But wait, that’s not all. When I opened the case, I was even more delighted to see it came with three magazines and has room to hold three more. Some gun cases contain a cleaning rod or, if you’re lucky, a mag loader. There was a cleaning rod in the case along with some stickers and the user manual. The inside of the case is felt-lined so Velcro straps and holsters can be used on it. Most cases are meant to protect the gun during shipment and provide a place to store it. If I need a case to carry a gun, I will definitely use this one.

Bull Armory AXE gun case
The Bull Armory AXE case is the nicest one I’ve seen that comes standard with the gun.

Walther PDP

Next on the list is the Walther PDP. If you don’t use a case, it shouldn’t matter what size it is, but it does. The Walther PDP comes in a large heavy-duty plastic case with a molded lining to fit the gun. This one didn’t come with three mags, but it did come with two. It also came with a mag loader, two sizes of grips, and a wrench to remove the optic plate. The case itself is a thicker plastic than average gun cases. But it’s the overall size and the molded foam that makes this case stand out. The user manual and warranty registration card lie underneath the foam on the lid.

Walther PDP gun case
The Walther PDP is an awesome gun and the case is impressive as well. It will hold everything you need for the gun, including different sizes of grips.

Kimber Micro-9 Rapide 1911

Kimber markets their compact 1911 pistols as high-end guns. The soft case their pistols come in is not as high-end as their guns, but they are practical. The box contains the soft carry case, Kimber branded gun lock, user manual, and some info cards on accessories that will work for the new gun. The soft case is small but that’s not a bad thing. The size makes it easy to stow the gun away without taking up much room. The material of the case and zipper appears to be built well, and of course, the Kimber name is printed on the front.

Kimber MIcro-9 gun case.
The Kimber Micro-9 comes with a soft carry case that will hold the gun and one extra magazine (extra mag not included).

CZ-75 B

CZ-USA puts out some great guns and the 75 model has been around for ages. A reliable and comfortable gun to shoot, the CZ-75 comes with a plastic case that is just large enough to hold the gun and one extra magazine. The foam liner is molded to fit the gun and extra mag. It has a place to hold the two cleaning rods it comes with, and the top has a cutout for the paperwork to slide into. This case is durable enough you could keep the gun stored in here and access it daily. Some cases feel like they would start to break if you used them all the time, but not this one.

CZ-75 gun case
The CZ-75 came with a nice case that is molded for the gun and magazine. The extra magazine must be purchased separately however.

Sig Sauer M17

The case you get when purchasing the Sig M17 pistol is pretty simple, but it is a little thicker than some other gun cases out there. The plastic is thick and feels like it would hold up over time if someone wants to use it. Sig uses a generic case that can work with just about any handgun so there is no molded liner for a specific gun. It has the standard foam inserts that sit in the case. Behind one of the foam inserts is the instructions book, Sig sticker, lock, and ammo recommendation card for the gun. The case is large enough to hold the gun and plenty of extra magazines (and you always need more magazines).

Sig M17 gun case
There is nothing special about the Sig M17 gun case, but it is large enough to hold the gun and a few extra mags. It will come with one flush mag and one extended mag.


Like I said in the beginning, most gun owners will not use the case. The quality of the case makes it more exciting when you open the box, but then we stick the box on a shelf. While it doesn’t make any sense, I admit that I will pay a little more for a gun if it comes with the original gun case and instructions manual. Even though I don’t use the case, I want it for resale purposes. After all, it does sound like a better deal when you hear “original case and papers included.” If you are about to purchase your first handgun, I would recommend saving the original box and case the gun came with.

If you travel a lot or just want to keep the gun put away when you’re not carrying it, any of these cases would be a great option. The quality of a gun case shouldn’t be your deciding factor on what gun to purchase. But the case the gun arrives in does make the first impression with your new purchase. Nobody likes to spend a small fortune on a gun only to be handed a flimsy $5 gun case. But we love to be handed a super nice gun case so we can tuck it away in the closet.

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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