Weatherby’s New Model 307 Action and Rifles

Weatherby celebrated its 78th anniversary with a new centerfire rifle action, the first one in nearly 50 years with the Model 307. Coming in line to pair nicely with the historic Mark V and Vanguard lines, the Model 307 has a 2-Lug cylindrical action. It is also compatible with many aftermarket accessories, according to Weatherby.

The Model 307 will be available in three different options, but all feature a fluted bolt and a tool-less assembly. Additionally, the Model 307 will have a TriggerTech trigger and a detachable magazine. All model 307 actions are to be built in the Weatherby Sheridan facility so the company states that consumers can expect the same craftmanship that Weatherby has given since 1945.

Weatherby Model 307 Range XP rifle
For the first time in over 50 years, Weatherby has released a new centerfire rifle action. Available in a stand-alone action and two rifle builds, the Model 307 offers a cylindrical design and a short or long action option. The Range XP rifle, shown above, includes a TriggerTech trigger and a spiral-fluted threaded barrel. [Photo credit: Weatherby]
The Model 307 action is available in a wide range of calibers from Weatherby and others, including 243 WIN, 6.5 CMR, 308 WIN, 240 WBY, 257 WBY, 7MM REM, 7MM PRC, 280 ACKLEY, and 28 Nosler just to name a few. The company said the goal for the Model 307 was to give a precision action that would accommodate the vast offerings of aftermarket items (think stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, etc.) available currently. The Model 307 is available in the Builders Action, Range XP, and Alpine MDT variants.

Model 307 Builders Action

The Model 307 stand-alone is available in a short action and long action with a standard and magnum bolt face option. It uses an M16 extractor for reportedly smooth and reliable cycling. The tool-less takedown bolt has a spiral fluted design to save weight, with the overall cylindrical design that is compatible with Stiller/Savage scope mounts with a specific screw thread. The design also features a high-placed bolt release button similar to the 700 style footprint so it will work with a large number of aftermarket accessories. The Model 307 Builders Action has a Graphite Black Cerakote and an MSRP of $749.

Model 307 Range XP Rifle

The complete Model 307 Range XP centerfire rifle comes standard with an adjustable TriggerTech trigger and a Magpul magazine. The rifle uses a lightweight, vertical grip stock with an adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable length of pull making it easy and fast to custom-fit the rifle to the shooter. The rifle has a spiral-fluted barrel that pairs nicely with the spiral design of the bolt and is threaded with an Accubrake muzzle device that reportedly reduces recoil. The Range XP rifle also has a Graphite Black Cerakote finish and starts at $1,199.

Weatherby Model 307 Alpine MDT rifle
The Alpine MDT rifle shown above is built on the MDT lightweight hunting chassis with a myriad of adjustable pieces for a custom shooting experience. [Photo credit: Weatherby]

Model 307 Alpine MDT

The Alpine MDT rifle utilizes the MDT’s lightweight HNT26 Chassis System. The stock, the company’s first hunting chassis, features a v-block bedding, adjustable length of pull, and an adjustable comb, and is compatible with AICS magazines. The chassis is made from magnesium alloy with a carbon fiber forend, pistol grip, and buttstock. The forend offers a convenient place to attach accessories while the buttstock offers compact storage. Like other Model 307 options, the Alpine MDT has an externally adjustable TriggerTech trigger and a threaded spiral fluted barrel with the Accubrake muzzle device. It too is finished in the Graphite Black Cerakote and has an MSRP starting at $2,999.

“As you look back at our long history, each new rifle came with a purpose. My grandfather released the Mark V in 1958 and it quickly became known as the strongest action in the world. …. As the years went by, it was evident there were many hunters and shooters who wanted to own a Weatherby but simply could not afford the Mark V. So, in 1971 the Vanguard was released with the purpose of providing the quality that people would expect of Weatherby while remaining affordable for a wide array of sportsman. While these two actions have been widely accepted over the years and used with great success, the purpose in the design of the Model 307 is a new and different one for Weatherby. With more accessories available for a 700 platform than any other bolt action rifle in the world, the goal for our third action was to come up with a design that could accommodate the vast offerings of stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, magazines, etc… that exist in the marketplace. While keeping the importance of compatibility in mind, we also committed ourselves to keeping this “made in the USA” rifle with a feature set and price that rivals anything out there all while keeping the quality our customers would expect from a Weatherby.” -Adam Weatherby

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