Weatherby Releases Alpine 307 CT Rifle

Weatherby of Sheridan, Wyoming, has been making top-notch hunting and precision rifles for over seventy-five years. Their Model 307 made the tried-and-true bolt-action rifle into a modular platform with interchangeable stocks, barrels, and trigger groups. The new Alpine 307 CT blends these features with the carbon rifle concept to produce a lightweight shoulder arm designed for taking heavy Alpine game. 

weatherby 307 alpine ct
Weatherby’s modular Model 307 is getting lightweight upgrades with the new Alpine CT model. [Weatherby]

The Weatherby Model 307 bolt action rifle features a dual-lug cylindrical bolt and an enlarged bolt handle. The 307 is distinguished because of its modular design that allows for the free exchange of Remington Model 700 rifle stocks, rails, and trigger groups. The new Alpine 307 CT is a collaboration between Weatherby and PEAK 44, the premiere maker of lightweight carbon fiber stocks. The 307 CT features an Alpine-scheme PEAK 44 stock that features a high comb and a full pistol grip for comfortable long-range shooting without the girth of a wood or aluminum stock or chassis. The rifle features standard sling studs and an additional stud for mounting the bipod of your choice. 

To reduce weight even further, the 307 CT features a carbon-fiber-sleeved 416R stainless steel barrel that ranges from 20 to 26 inches, depending on the caliber. To level out the balance between accuracy and the deceptively light 6 lb. weight of the 307 CT, the rifle is equipped with an adjustable TriggerTech field trigger and a directional self-timing muzzle brake. 

The new Weatherby Alpine 307 CT comes chambered in favorite hunting cartridges as well as Weatherby’s proprietary rounds from the .240 Weatherby Magnum and .243 Winchester to the .300 Winchester Magnum and .300 Weatherby Magnum. This new lightweight long-range ready hunting companion is shipping now, with an MSRP of $2,199.

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