Vortex Adds the New GlassPak Sport to the Lineup

Vortex has expanded its offerings for binocular cases with the GlassPak Sport. This compact pack helps keep the binoculars close and easy to access, something that is paramount for finding and identifying game. The GlassPak Sport joins its big brother, the GlassPak Pro, in the new lineup of binocular pouches from Vortex.

The GlassPak Sport model is constructed with an all-weather, rugged material for durability in the elements. It was created for hunters who need a form-fitting, easy-to-manage harness for their binoculars, according to the company. It serves to quickly access gear and keep your binoculars safe from potential exposures in the field.

Vortex GlassPak Sport
Vortex has expanded its lineup of binocular packs to include the new GlassPak Sport model. This compact pack has mesh side pockets and a larger rear pocket for extra gear, all while staying snug against the wearer. [Photo credit: Vortex]
The pack features a body-facing pouch with an elastic closure that keeps the elements, dirt, and debris out of the pouch. According to Vortex, the closure can be done with one hand to keep your eyes on the prize. The semi-rigid main pocket is lined with microfiber to help eliminate additional noise when accessing the gear while acting as extra padding for protection. Like the Pro model, the Sport model is available in small and large sizes, fitting binoculars ranging from 42 mm up to 56mm between the two.

The GlassPak Sport features adjustable straps that keep the load comfortable and tight against the wearer. The straps are easy to adjust and feature quick detach buckles for a custom fit. The pack has mesh side pockets that keep additional gear close by, such as calls and wind-checkers. There is also a rear pocket that can hold larger items like a cell phone or extra ammunition.

Vortex states the GlassPak Sport is designed for a minimalist who requires comfort and fast access to gear. The pack is 8” x 6” and either 3” or 4.1” deep for the small or large pack respectively. The pack comes from Vortex with the pack, harness, and comfort neck strap. Either size GlassPak Sport has an MSRP of $79.99.

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