Volquartsen Scorpion-X 22 LR Rimfire Pistol — Ready for a Red Dot

Volquartsen Firearms expanded its pistol line with the Scorpion-X. The Scorpion-X 22 LR is available in a 4.5”- or 6”-barrel length and utilizes the Volquartsen LLV-X upper which has multiple hole mounting locations allowing for a variety of popular red dots to be mounted directly to the top of the upper. 

Volquartsen Scorpion-X
Since the 1990s, Volquartsen Firearms has been producing high-quality rimfire rifles, pistols, and parts. Its Scorpion-X rimfire pistol is no exception. The Scorpion-X pistol, geared towards competitive shooters, features the LLV-X upper that has multiple hole mounting options for various red dot scopes on the flat top of the upper.

“Why did we develop the flat top universal red dot mounting system? Many of us were introduced to pistol shooting using iron sights and having the red dot mounted directly to the top of the upper makes that red dot acquisition like those same iron sights. Competitive shooters are always searching for that “little something” that will make them a fraction of a second faster,” commented Volquartsen Firearms President Scott Volquartsen.

He continued saying, “Matches are sometimes won or lost by a fraction of a second. In talking to world champion level shooters, they will tell you that many times the split to that first target sets the tone for the rest of the string. In fact, they spend what seems to the casual observer a disproportionate amount of time working on that transition from low ready to first plate. Keeping the red dot mounted as low to the bore axis as possible makes for faster sight acquisition. The easiest and cleanest way to do this is to mount the red dot directly to the top of the upper.”

Upper for Scorpion
The Scorpion-X pistol from Volquartsen Firearms has a threaded barrel with a compensator to help with any muzzle climb, which is especially helpful to competitive shooters when fractions of a second matter getting back on target. Inside the Scorpion-X there is a DLC coated competition bolt and 2.25 lb trigger rounding out the competitive set-up. The LLV-X upper, similar to the one shown above, is available as a stand-alone for Ruger MKII, MKIII, and prior Scorpion models.

The Scorpion-X features a 1/2×28 threaded stainless steel barrel that has a stainless steel laser-hardened breech under the Type III hard anodized aluminum shroud. At the end of that barrel is a single-port compensator to help with any muzzle rise. The bolt in the Scorpion-X is a DLC-coated competition bolt. The LLV-X upper for the pistol comes standard with a universal red dot mount and sits squarely on the Volquartsen CNC-machined 1911 style VC target frame.

The LLV-X upper is also available as a stand-alone product for the Ruger MKII, MKIII, and prior Scorpion 22 LR models. It is compatible with both the Volquartsen Competition Bolt as well as the Ruger MKII/MKIII factory bolt.


  • A ½ x 28 threaded stainless steel 4.5” or 6″ barrel with stainless steel laser-hardened breech within a Type III hard anodized aluminum shroud
  • Accurizing Kit for a 2.25 lb trigger pull
  • DLC coated Competition Bolt
  • Single-Port Compensator
  • LLV-X upper with Universal Red Dot Mount
  • Volquartsen CNC-machined, black anodized aluminum, 1911 style VC Target Frame
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