“V22M” | Vudoo Gun Works goes Magnum with their new action.

The Vudoo Gun Works V22 world has expanded in a Magnum way — enter the V22M action.  The new addition to their lineup, which is a Gen 2 action (explanation below) will run both 22 Magnum and 17HMR, which will no doubt be well appreciated by the precision shooting community.

Up top: a Vudoo V22 in a Manners PRS 2 with Gen 2 mini-chassis, “Bloodshot” pain, 22 in. kukri barrel, and Timney “The Hit” trigger. 

According to a recent release, the V22M utilizes longer bolt travel to accommodate the length of 22WMR and 17HMR cartridges, saying the added length provides…

…the opportunity to design a new articulated bolt release that transfers the force of bolt actuations to a plunger hidden under the scope mount. The V22M also brings added consistency with a new anti-rotation bolt head, a redesigned multi-piece bolt assembly, and our own unique 7075 machined Aluminum AICS style magazines available in five and ten shot capacities.

Gen 2 Vudoo Gun Works V22 action

The new V22M bolt assembly is similar to its predecessor but offers toolless disassembly and maintenance by way of a unique bayonet-style locking system between the shroud, bolt body, and bolt front.  In addition, the fire control system has also been refined to eliminate drag and therefore, provide more consistent and reliable ignition.

V22M* Features:
• Remington 700 Short Action Footprint
• Remington 700 Pinned Trigger Interface
• Magazines fit standard AICS compatible bottom metal
• Anti-rotation bolt nose
• Improved bolt release
• Toolless bolt disassembly
• Refined fire control design
•  Compatible with 22WMR and .17HMR

*The V22M isn’t the only new action we’ll be seeing from Vudoo Gun Works. The “V22S” will apparently be  Single Shot BR/F Class Action. VGW describes it as a “…three-lug 60-degree action with six o’clock ignition that will feature [their] own Vudoo/Flavio single-stage trigger that adjusts from .7 to 2.8 oz.”

Vudoo V22M action

Now, how can you tell if a V22 is Gen 2? Look in close. The back of the firing pin protruding through the shroud will have a hole through it if it’s a Gen 2.

FYSA, for those who were wondering, when asked if Vudoo built the chamber around a specific cartridge, as they previously did for the Lapua, they replied,

“No…not for the Magnum. The ammo offerings for 22lr far exceeds [sic] that of the magnum and at varying levels of quality/performance. There’s no match-quality ammo for Magnum, so [Vudoo Gun Works] saw no need to design a chamber to cater to the ‘better’ ammo.”

Take a watch at the video for a much more detailed explanation.

Gratuitous Vudoo Gun Works Gun Porn

Because gun porn is a Good Thing.

Vudoo V22 rifle
This Vudoo Gun Works build is a V22 with 18 in. Cobalt Cerakote twisted Kukri contour barrel in the “Wrought Iron” finish.
Vudoo V22 rifle
It features a McMillan A5 “Urban Ambush” finish, 419 Swiss Arca rail, Nighforce 7-35 ATACR optic in a SPUHR mount, Calvin Elite adjustable trigger, and Atlas bipod.
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