UPRISER: a Ruger PC Carbine chassis “upgrade” from Tandemkross

Tandemkross just released a rifle chassis “upgrade” for the Ruger PC Carbine. They call it the Upriser. It features a trigger finger-length magazine release, compatibility with both AR-style buttstocks and grips, and a few other attributes that will likely appeal to PC Carbine lovers.

Upriser rifle chassis for Ruger PC Carbine by Tandemkross
The UPRISER, a Ruger PC Carbine rifle chassis from Tandemkross.

The new chassis is made of a reinforced polymer and, according to the manufacturer, strongly emphasizes cross-compatibility and modularity. One intended goal of this design is to allow the use of most AR grips, mil-spec buffer tubes, and stocks. It also has what they describe as an “…intentional focus on aesthetics that other others simply miss.”

Tandemkross Upriser

Here’s how they explain that.

Every Upriser Chassis comes with a trigger finger-length magazine release, a flared magwell, an aluminum grip/stock adapter, and an AR compatible hiveGrip.

Tandemkross Ruger PC Carbine rifle chassis
The “Upriser” Ruger PC Carbine chassis in red.

The included grip/stock adapter is made from aluminum to ensure it is built to last. The Upriser’s unique grip/stock adapter creates an ergonomic angle.

Tandemkross Upriser grip

This allows comfortable use of optics or iron sights for quick and intuitive sight acquisition. The Upriser offers the most natural cheek weld in the market.


Tandemkross Ruger PC Carbine rifle chassis
Tandemkross Upriser in black, installed.


The flared magwell and trigger finger-length magazine release team up to create a streamlined reloading experience. The magwell comes with every Upriser chassis, but is easily detachable, leaving it up to the shooter to install.

Upriser magwell

The AR compatible hiveGrip leverages our proprietary vibration dampening material. Wet or sweaty hands won’t slip on this grip as moisture intensifies the shooter’s bond with the material.

You’ll have to be the judge of whether the use of an Upriser is warranted or worth the expense of course. You can learn more on their website (tandemkross.com), by following ’em on Instagram (@tandemkross), connecting with ’em on Facebook (facebook.com/Tandemkross/) or subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Tandemkross Upriser
One of the Tandemkross HMFICs out shooting an Upriser equipped Ruger PC Carbine.
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