Uberti Adds 9mm Chambering to Single-Action Revolvers

Uberti recently announced the newest addition to their extensive firearm lineup, the 9mm models of their El Patron and Cattleman Brass revolvers. Uberti, known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of classical, single-action revolvers, western heritage black powder revolvers, and cartridge revolvers is excited to add the 9mm chambering to these single-action revolvers.

Uberti USA El Patron revolver
Uberti USA recently announced the latest expansion to their impressive lineup of Old West replica revolvers, the addition of 9mm options for the 1873 El Patron, 1873 Cattleman Brass, and the 1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder revolvers.

Available in March of 2022, the select El Patron and Cattleman Brass revolvers will come chambered in 9mm as well. The headspace of the revolvers at the cartridge mouth without the need for moon clips, allowing cartridges to be loaded individually into the cylinder and ejected in the regular way.

These 9mm models provide an expanded range opportunity to many single-action revolver fans with another cartridge option. With 9mm ammunition being more readily available, and at lower costs generally, the user will find it easier to spend more time shooting these revolvers without spending too much money on typical revolver caliber ammunition.

Uberti 1873 El Patron single-action revovler
The 1873 El Patron revolver comes from the factory with checkered walnut grips, case-hardened frame, and a 5.5-inch barrel. The 1873 El Patron has the classic profile of the Old West SSA revolvers and has a numbered cylinder and EasySights.

Each Uberti revolver is hand-fitted and adjusted from the factory to ensure precision performance right out of the box. These Old West replicas come with a 5-year warranty and are serviced by factory-trained Uberti gunsmiths in the USA.

1873 El Patron 9mm revolver uses the Old West SSA profile in this modern revolver. It comes with checkered walnut grips and has a case-hardened frame with a 5.5-inch blued barrel. The fast and reliable El Patron, or The Boss, includes the numbered cylinder and EasySights standard.

Uberti 1873 Cattleman Brass revolver
The 1873 Cattleman Brass revolver is said to set the standard for style and performance for modern-era single-action replica revolvers. The 1873 Cattleman Brass blends a walnut grip with the blued steel barrel and cylinder with a brass backstrap and trigger guard. The revolver also has a retractable firing pin for added safety.

The 1873 Cattleman Brass 9mm revolver is a replica that set the standard for style and performance in the modern-era single-action revolver. The 1873 Cattleman Brass blends a sleek walnut grip with a case-hardened frame and a blued steel barrel. Additionally, it has a blued steel cylinder with a brass backstrap and trigger guard. The added safety feature of the floating firing pin is new this year, all without sacrificing the outward appearance of the original revolver.

The 1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder comes with both 9mm and .357 Magnum cylinders. It has the same performance and features as the 1873 Cattleman Brass with the addition of the second cylinder option.

Uberti Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder revolver
The 1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder delivers the same performance and features of the 1873 Cattleman Brass but brings it up a notch with the addition of a second cylinder from the factory. This revolver comes standard with both a 9mm cylinder as well as a .357 Magnum.

The Uberti line of replica revolvers has been said to set the standard by which Cowboy Action Shooting competitors and big game hunters judge other vintage firearms. The MSRP for these rifles are $729, $599, and $749 respectively.

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