Top Holiday Gifts For The Avid Shooter

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are quickly approaching and you may be wondering what non-gun gifts you ought to get for your favorite gun enthusiast for Christmas. We’ll take a look here and come up with some easy shopping ideas to put a smile on everyone’s face! To make things even easier, we’re going to include links to various items here in the article. You’ll literally be able to click on the links, order the goodies, and sit back and relax as they’re shipped to your house. In literally a couple of minutes, you can do all of your shopping for your loved one(s)!

You’re welcome.


No, I’m not talking about the kind that we read (although your gun nut might also enjoy those). I’m referring to the kind that feeds ammunition into the firearm. It’s a good idea to stock up on magazines now because no one is certain how long it will be before they are limited or banned again.

Stocking stuffer magazines
Magazines make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Rifle Mags: AR-15

Chances are that your precious betrothed owns an AR-15. Fortunately, there are mounds upon mounds of great magazines out there for this platform. We’ll list a few here to cover the bases.

Magpul PMags

They’re nearly indestructible and utterly reliable, being constructed of Polymer. Basically, PMags have become the standard by which all others are judged by. As this is written, they can be had for as little as $10.99 each. At that price, you might as well grab a bunch! And you can never have too many AR-15 magazines. 20-round PMags are selling currently for $9.99 also.

Magpul also makes limited-capacity magazines for those in states that do not allow standard capacity mags, and GunMag Warehouse has you covered.

Hexmag Magazines

These affordable magazines feature a durable polymer body and are an excellent choice for the budget-minded shooter. They’re available for the AR-15 and the AR-10 and prices are cheaper than they’ve ever been before at just $9.99 for 30-round magazines. The 20-round mags are $7.99 as this is written, as are the 10-round magazines. As you can see, they offer various capacities and are very versatile. GunMag Warehouse also offers bulk mag packs for even more savings. Check ’em out today!

I run both PMags and Hexmags in my ARs and am happy to report that they both work flawlessly and I highly recommend either one of them.

Rifle Mags: AK-47

Magpul also makes a polymer PMag for the AK-47 platform. I highly recommend these magazines as well, as I use these almost exclusively in my AK. As this is written, 30-round magazines are available for $10.99, a bargain!

Pistol Magazines

Just like rifle magazines, you can never have too many pistol magazines. Fortunately, they’re available at amazing prices, with a plethora of options. We’ll include a few here to get you going.


Once again, Magpul is in the mix. These folks like to cover a lot of bases. They make magazines that will fit a variety of Glock pistols, including the Glock 17 and 19. For example, at this time, GunMag Warehouse sells the Magpul 17-round Glock 17 magazine for $10.99. Folks, that is a steal! As an aside, the 17-round Glock 17 magazine will also fit into the Glock 19, with a little bit of the mag protruding from the magazine well. It gives the G19 users a few extra rounds.

Glock OEM

If you insist on factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) magazines, GunMag Warehouse also has you covered, offering a wide variety of mags. Their Glock 17 9mm magazine sells for $25.99 as this is written. You get the quality and reliability that Glock firearms are famous for worldwide. I’ve used Glock factory magazines during various training schools and have seen them endure the abuse that I thought would certainly cause them to break – but the magazine just laughed off the abuse and asked for more!

And if you’re really feeling sporty, they also have factory 9mm 33-round magazines! I highly recommend having at least one, as they raise the Fun Factor at the range exponentially! Aside from that, they also have Glock magazines that will fit just about every Glock in existence, so check out the website, they’re likely to have whatever you’re after.

Other Makers

GunMag Warehouse also carries a whole host of factory and aftermarket pistol magazines for almost any firearm platform you can think of, including popular modern brands such as Smith & Wesson, Beretta, the 1911 platform, and Springfield Armory, as well as some of those harder to find brands such as Para Ordnance, Rossi, and more.


Shooters normally hate the chore of loading magazines. Maglula UpLula has something to ease those woes in the form of their magazine loader. It’s a lightweight, Polymer loader that fits over the top of a magazine and allows the bullets to be placed into the magazine easily and far more quickly than using one’s fingers. Your beloved shooter will thank you for this one! It fits pistol bullets from 9mm up through .45 ACP and currently sells for $32.99.

They also have a model that fits calibers from .22LR up through .380 ACP. They’ve got all the bases covered!


With all of these guns and magazines, we have to have bullets to feed them, right? Again, GunMag Warehouse has you covered! I’ll break the ammo into a few of the more popular calibers to hit the main bases here. Be aware, however, that they carry very many calibers, too many to list here in one article. Check out the site for availability.

Quality ammunition for the holiday season
Shop our huge selection of quality rimfire, centerfire, and shotgun ammunition.


Red Army Standard offers an excellent product that I’ve used for years in my AK-47. It’s supremely reliable and economically priced; as of this writing, it is $8.49 for 20 rounds. Its profile is Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), 122 grains, and perfect for target shooting in your AK, SKS, or another rifle.


PMC X-Tac 5.56x45mm ammo has a green tip 62-grain projectile that offers Light Armor Penetration. Simply put, this is good stuff at a super price! I’d recommend getting this while it’s hot. Currently, it sells for $9.99 per box of 20 rounds.

Winchester USA also has a 55-grain FMJ 5.56x45mm offering that’s great for target shooting. I’ve used this in the past and its excellent ammunition. It sells, at the time of this writing, for $10.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

.22 Long Rifle

Over the recent Great Ammunition Drought, .22 ammo was hard to come by because lots of people realized how useful and valuable it really is. And how economically it will allow people to enjoy an afternoon at the range. CCI ammunition is the standard by which all other .22 ammo is judged. Simply put, it’s the best you can get.

There’s even a 100-round, plastic case of .22 ammo for $8.99 as this is written. 40-grain copper-clad rounds are good stuff and economically priced. Be certain to buy up some extra boxes for a rainy day, as you never know when the supply might dry up again. I’ve used this ammo and swear by it.


CCI makes a great round. In this particular case, they are 9mm with a brass case. These are FMJ, 124 grain, and great for target shooting on the range. At $14.99 per box, as this is written, it’s a smart buy!

Range Bags

Most shooters have accrued a lot of gear that they want and need to take to the range. Throwing it all in a plastic shopping bag can be a disappointing experience. A range bag will solve those organizational problems and make a trip to the range far more pleasant.

GunMag Warehouse has a variety of shooting bags to choose from.

The Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Bag is constructed of heavyweight polyester and provides a large main compartment with a removable pistol pouch. There are multiple pockets in this bag. Two handles and a removable carry strap provide convenient ways to carry the bag.

I have a Blackhawk range bag myself (not this exact model, but similar), and I’ve found it absolutely indispensable for carting all my gear to the range. Until you’ve used a quality range bag, you don’t realize how darned useful they really are!

Blackhawk’s quality is extremely high; they’re well put together with great attention to detail. I’ve been using my Blackhawk range bag for at least 25 years and, without sounding cliche, it looks as good today as when it was new.

The price of the Sportster Deluxe Range Bag, as I write this, is $52.99, which is a real bargain. Get one, you’ll thank me!

Cleaning Gear

What good is a filthy firearm? At some point, it will stop working. Personally, cleaning firearms is something that I approach with the enthusiasm of an ingrown toenail. Fortunately, GunMag Warehouse has a ton of gun cleaning kits to make your life easier.

I picked out one that looks complete and nicely contained. Hoppe’s Deluxe Universal Gun Cleaning Kit handles firearms from .22 all the way up to 12 gauge. It includes a 3-piece cleaning rod, brushes, mops, and other necessary goodies to make your firearms sparkle. I personally like kits that are well organized and contained, and this one seems to fill those bills rather well. At this writing, it sells for $39.99. Considering that it will clean just about every firearm in most collections, this is a good deal.


This list will get you off and running to get your loved one a desirable range of goodies. I’d have liked to include more, but space simply does not permit it. However, I recommend that you peruse GunMag Warehouse’s website, as they have a staggering amount of products in stock. You’re very likely to find whatever you need on the site at a great price.

The items I included here are hard to go wrong with as long as you know some basics about whom you’re buying for and what firearms he or she has.

We hope you find this list useful. Until next time, enjoy your holidays!

Jim Davis served in the PA Dept. of Corrections for 16 ½ years as a corrections officer in the State Correctional Institute at Graterford and later at SCI Phoenix. He served on the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), several of those years as a sniper, and also the Fire Emergency Response Team (FERT). For 25 years, he was a professional instructor, teaching topics including Defensive Tactics, Riot Control and Tactical Operations, Immediate Responder, and cognitive programs as an adjunct instructor at the DOC Training Academy. He was then promoted to the title of corrections counselor, where he ran a caseload and facilitated cognitive therapy classes to inmates. His total service time was close to 29 years. He was involved in many violent encounters on duty, including incidents of fatalities.

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