6 Top SIG P365 holster choices (and counting).

Best SIG Sauer P365 holsters

What is the best SIG P365 holster? What is the most comfortable SIG P365 holster? These aren’t rhetorical questions. The SIG P365 is without a doubt one of the most revolutionary handguns we’ve seen in the concealed carry market, though the subsequent Hellcat has been giving it some competition. The article you’ll read below was originally published about a year ago (August 2019). Since that time, many other holster companies have released a SIG Sauer P365 holster option (or more than one) Some we’ve written about (like the Tenicor Velo, below). Some we haven’t (yet). Some we won’t. 

Jump down to see Travis Pike’s original top 5 picks, or scroll through ’til you get there to see what we’ve added.

Readers: Let us know in the comments below what you like, and why (or don’t and why), and I’ll see about getting some out to the crew for review. Editor


SIG P365 Holster Update for Oct. 2020

Tenicor Velo

Tenicor Velo holster for your 365.

This specific SIG P356, holster, and spare mag is part of the actual EDC carried by one of our writers. If you’re interested in learning more about it (or the Discreet Carry clips that help him carry it even in running shorts), read about the Tenicor Velo for SIG Sauer P365.

Blackpoint Tactical

Blackpoint Tactical left hand AIWB holster for SIG P365

GunMag Warehouse carries this one: it’s the Blackpoint Tactical left-hand AIWB holster for the SIG P365




SIG P365 holster – this guy’s Top 5

The P365 is the size of a single stack 9 with the capacity of a double stack 9. The gun has of course been quite popular with the concealed carry market and I carry one myself. This has led me to discover a series of SIG P365 holster, some of which of course are better than others. Here are five I feel specifically partial to.

Bravo Concealment Torsion 3.0 

If you want to go full kydex the Bravo Concealment Torsion 3.0 is the route to take for the standard grip frame. This appendix carry design comes with two belt clips, but a single clip can be used for a more traditional appendix carry setup. I personally preferred the strongside IWB setup and the Bravo Concealment rig conceals without effort. 

A SIG P365 holster by Bravo Concealment

A SIG P65 holster of choice: the Torsion 3.0 holster is a good Kydex option for AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) carry.

The design is set up to accommodate a threaded and extended barrel and will also function with raised suppressor height sights. With a growing P365 aftermarket it makes sense that some folks have suppressed their P365 for range time. Having P365 holsters to accommodate this is a nice touch. The Bravo Concealment Torsion 3.0 has an adjustable cant and adjustable passive retention. 

The Torsion 3.0 is a well-made holster that is plenty comfortable and has that satisfying click when the gun is holstered. The Torsion 3.0 is currently only available for the standard P365 model, but I would expect an XL model to come forward soon. 

SIG Sauer P365 9mm 15-round magazine. GOT MAGS?


Crossbreed DropSlide 

Crossbreed is well known for their hybrid style holsters and they produce both IWB and OWB models. They produce an absolute ton of P365 holsters. The Crossbreed DropSlide is an OWB model that is cut not only to accommodate the P365, but they also TLR 6 equipped P365. This is one of the few light bearing models I could find without a 6 to 9 week lead time. 

A comfortable P365 holster from Crossbreed.

The Crossbreed DropSlide for SIG Sauer P365 is an OWB model that is cut not only to accommodate the P365, but a TLR 6 equipped P365 as well…cuz it’s good to have a light! (WML and handheld f you can.)

I’m an OWB kind of guy. I typically find it the most comfortable means to carry a gun and my large frame also makes it easy for me to conceal an OWB gun. The DropSlide design cuts the leather low to make it easy to get a comfortable grip on the gun and draw with speed. 

The DropSlide bends around the body and allows the holster to conform to the body. It conceals very well and the DropSlide’s custom-molded frame keeps things comfortable and keeps the gun secured. I can carry my SIG p365 with a Streamlight TLR 6 and do so very comfortably. 


P365 Micro-Compact 9mm 12-round magazine. GOT MAGS?


Alien Gear ShapeShift 

The Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster system is designed to be an all in one holster option. It utilizes interchangeable shells that allow you to swap holsters and carry techniques. You can swap between OWB models, appendix holsters, hybrid IWB, shoulder holsters, car holsters, MOLLE rigs, pocket holsters and more. With one shell you can purchase the expansion packs you need and want. 

A P365 holster: the Alien Gear "Shapeshift".

Alien Gear’s ShapeShift Holster system’s based on interchangeable shells so you can swap holsters (and change up carry techniques).

Alien Gear and their ShapeShift system was an early adopter of the P365 and allowed shooters to have nearly any option they wanted for their P365. The ShapeShift system isn’t perfect, and won’t satisfy all people with their designs. However, they do offer a multitude of options that other holsters companies do not. 

Being able to carry my P365 on a belly band, or a shoulder holster, or even on my ankle isn’t always necessary but they do open up options for those niche situations in which you need a niche means to carry. I tend to stick to the IWB model for a tuckable carry option. As far as P365 holsters go this will cover every use you can imagine. 


P365 Micro-Compact 9mm 12-round magazine. GOT MAGS?

Clinger Holsters V3 

The V3 No Print Wonder from Clinger Holsters is a modular holster system that mixes leather and kydex but not in a way that you’d expect. The V3 No Print Wonder P365 holsters use a solid polymer base with leather wing attachments. These wings allow you to carry the gun in an OWB or IWB configuration with just a flip of the hardware. 

This model is from "Clinger Holsters".

This is the V3 No Print Wonder from Clinger Holsters: it’s a leather-and-Kydex modular holster system, but not the sort of hybrid you might expect. Another recommended option for those of you who need a SIG Sauer P365 holster.

The IWB hardware gives you a strongside IWB holster that does what it’s long name says. The design doesn’t print and is superbly secure and comfortable. OWB hardware gives you something akin to a pancake-style design. It keeps it tight to your body. 

If you remove the wings and add a large clip to the body of the polymer holster then you now have an appendix holster. The Clinger Holster V3 allows for a multitude of carry options in a low profile and lightweight design. On top of all that modularity, you can also adjust both cant and ride height to maximize concealment and comfortable draw. 


P365 9mm 10-round magazine with extension. GOT MAGS?


Black Label Products Appendix Holster 

Black Label is the only company I’ve found that produces a full kydex P365 holster for the Icarus Grip Module I keep my P365 situated in. This gives them a major advantage to me in this list. This appendix rig offers me a small, lightweight, and unobtrusive holster for carrying my P365 with the Icarus Grip Module. 

Appendix carry Black Label holster for that little SIG.

It’s good for the Icarus Grip Module SIG P365XL too – thin, well-made, and comfy, it’s the Black Label appendix carry SIG Sauer P365 holster option for concealed carry.

The Black Label appendix rig does offer you adjustable cant as well an easily adjustable ride height. Unlike many other appendix holsters, the Black Label holster system doesn’t have a claw. Instead, it has an integrated bump on the outward-facing portion of the trigger guard. This pushes the holster back for complete concealment. It has an integrated sweat guard but is a minimalist design. 

The Black Label Appendix holster is thin, well made and quite comfortable. It will also fit the new P365 XL with the Icarus Grip module as well. The Black Label Appendix holster comes from a small company, but they seem to be one willing to innovate. The holster is also available in a multitude of colors, including black, Tiffany Blue, Krypteks, Multicam black, and many more. 


Find it: the P365 SIG P365 Icarus Grip Module.


SIG Sauer P365 Holster Choices and you

This is a gun designed to be carried day in and day out. It’s called the 365 for a reason. The P365’s aftermarket is growing rapidly and holsters are one small portion of that aftermarket. Who else carries one? If so, what is your preferred choice of SIG Sauer P365 holster?

Let me know if there are any holsters I should check out.!


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P365 10-round magazine in 9mm Luger. GOT MAGS?

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