The Visor VISR IFAK Pouch/Trauma Kit for Vehicles

My friends and family frequently ask me about tactical gear, guns, and survival kit. If you’re a “gun guy” (or “gun gal, for that matter) you’ve likely had that same experience. Recently a couple of my ba chay bo bet lǎotiě types asked me, “Phục — what’s the best trauma kit do ya think?” Of course, the obvious answer to that is: “The one that’s closest to you!” To that end, I thought I’d exploit this installment Sunday Drive to talk about an “IFAK pouch” option specifically intended for vehicles (i.e. not just a trauma kit you happen to have with you in a vehicle, though we certainly hope you do have that).

Though in fairness it’s not precisely a pouch.

Let’s be clear before we get started: this isn’t a review per se. There are many excellent trauma kit options out there. This just one of them; as long as you have something on hand to keep blood in the body I’m good. Pick whichever one you want.

An IFAK from Dark Angel Medical.
You could certainly drive down the highway with an IFAK pouch like this in your hands all the time, but eventually your arm might get tired. And what if you’re driving a standard transmission, or trying to eat a McNastyburger, or if you just forget to pick it up when you walk out of the house? Far better to have a more permanent option in the vehicle – which gives you some redundancy if you’re already carrying a kit.

IFAK Pouch for Cars & Trucks

Dark Angel Vehicular Individual Safety Rig (VISR)

Currently available in black, coyote brown, wolf grey, and red, the VISR (get it? VISR? ‘cuz it mounts to your visor?) was specifically designed for up front vehicle use. There are a half dozen content options (to suit your need/training level/comfort level) and numerous options to add, replace, or change up contents like your choice of tourniquet.

Dark Angel VISR trauma kit for vehicles.
The Dark Angel VISR trauma kit for vehicles was designed to mount to your windshield visor.

This is how Dark Angel Medical describes it:

“The VISR gives you a low-profile, comprehensive trauma kit that’s ready to go with a pull of the red grab handle. One panel securely attaches to your automobile’s visor with adjustable hook and loop straps while the kit attaches to the panel via hook and loop.”

The full kit contains:

1 x Hemostatic Gauze (QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing, Combat Gauze LE or MIL, ChitoGauze)

1 x Nitrile Gloves

1 x Mini Compression Bandage

1 x HALO Seals

1 x Compressed Gauze

1 x Eye Shield, Polycarbonate

1 x NPA

1 x Mylar Blanket

1 x CAT or SOFTT-W TQ with room for 2 more tourniquets

1 x Mini-Trauma Shears

The kit can be upgraded as desired with additional options like a HALO Vent. You can also purchase the visor panel by itself and “roll your own”.

Windshield visor IFAK (VISR) from Dark Angel Medical

The VISR is available via the Dark Angel Medical website.

If this sorta rig intrigues you, you might take a look at Dark Angel’s headrest option: the HEDR. Like to fish or go water skiing? Take a look at the Boat Medic. Prefer an ankle rig? Dark Angel has an ankle medical kit line too, and so does Ryker Nylon Gear.

Do you have a preference when it comes to trauma kits? What about the less dramatic but very handy first aid “boo boo kit”?

Hit us up in the comments below. Let us know what we should be looking at. Personal, vehicle, boat, anything you’ve used that you like.

Dark Angel Medical VISR IFAK pouch for vehicle mounting.

Dark Angel Medical VISR IFAK pouch for vehicle mounting.

The visor VISR from Dark Angel Medical


The visor VISR from Dark Angel Medical

The visor VISR from Dark Angel Medical

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