The Springfield Armory 1911 TRP: An FBI Contract Gun for Regular Folks

If you want a much more affordable version of the famous FBI contract gun, check out the Springfield Armory 1911 TRP.


The Springfield Armory 1911 TRP (Tactical Response Pistol) is more or less a production version of the custom pistol demanded by the FBI. The model that won the 5,000 pistol contract back in 1988 had to meet stringent performance requirements like 2,500 rounds without stoppage and 1.5-inch groups from 25 yards with service ammunition. To make those things happen, the guns were built in Springfield Armory’s Custom Shop. Anytime you start hand fitting parts, the cost is going to go up – way up.

The TRP is a production gun with many of the same features. While it’s certainly not cheap with an MSRP of $1,646, it’s still a solid deal considering the weapon you get. Most everything in it is National Match grade including the forged frame, barrel, bushing, and two-piece guide rod for starters.

The 1911 TRP is full of "small detail" upgrades like ambidextrous safety levers, quality checkering, enlarged ejection port and more.
The 1911 TRP is full of “small detail” upgrades like ambidextrous safety levers, quality checkering, enlarged ejection port and more.

The grip panels are made from near-indestructible G10, and if you are observant, you’ll notice sharper checkering on the front of the grip than on the back. That’s just a nice touch that provides positive grip without tearing up your hands. The magazine well is enlarged and generously beveled, and safety levers are present on both sides of the frame. The TRP is finished with Tritium night sights.

It ships with two seven-round magazines outfitted with slam pads. The first thing you’ll want to do is buy more. Hey, single-stack magazines are thin, so it’s easy to carry a few.

It has a combat trigger, so the weight is exactly five pounds. It has a short and smooth take-up with a crisp break, so the weight feels less than it measures.

So What?

All of that sounds nice, but the real value is in the feel and resulting performance. This gun is slick. If you appreciate the handling of a nice car versus that of an AMC Gremlin, this gun is for you. You’re not paying for a bullet that goes mostly forward. You’re paying for flawless fit and function because that means reliability and accuracy. I’ve had the one shown here since June of 2012 (as you can probably tell by the holster wear) and I’m still waiting for the first malfunction.

Out of the box, the TRP comes with excellent G10 grips.
This 1911 pistol comes out of the box with excellent G10 grips.

Accuracy is excellent as is point of impact alignment with the fixed combat sights. Even with my aging eyes, it easily shoots 1.75 to 2.5-inch groups with production ammo when measuring 25-yard, five-shot groups. Groups stay well within that diameter range with Barnes TAC-XPD 160-grain, Remington Ultimate Defense 230-grain, Sig Sauer FMJ and V-Crown, and Federal HST.

The two-piece guide rod is a sticking point for some, but I’ve never found it to be an issue worthy of my concern. Removing that for field stripping adds a few seconds to the process, so it’s not been a hindrance for me. If you don’t care for that design, it’s easy enough to swap out.

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