The Safariland IncogX: A Modern CCW Solution

Safariland is the number one company in duty-style holsters. Most police officers across the United States carry Safariland holsters. When the military adopted the SIG M17 and M18 series, they also adopted a Safariland holster system. Safariland makes tons and tons of duty holsters designed for many different firearms. That’s what they are known for, but today, we are looking at one of their first serious attempts to produce a dedicated concealed carry holster, known as the IncogX.

You and I both know Safariland has produced a series of lower-profile OWB holsters designed more or less for concealed carry. While they certainly worked for concealed carry, they weren’t the most concealable option. They were the right choice if you were wearing a coat, but not the best option for wearing a T-shirt and shorts on a summer day. The IncogX is a modern concealed carry rig designed for AIWB carry, aka appendix carry.

Suede lining on holster
The suede lining makes the holster quite comfy. [Photo: Travis Pike]
Appendix carry isn’t a great current innovation, but it’s become the “new hotness” with a slew of great holsters available. AIWB offers you an ultra-concealable option, especially for modern guns that are adorned with weapon lights, optics, and similar accessories. Since it positions the gun against the body, it is less likely to poke out and cause extensive printing. A gun carried in an appendix position is also easier and quicker to draw than other positions. There are lots of benefits to AIWB, but is the IncogX the right holster for AIWB carry?

The Origins of the Incog X

If a company that’s famous for making planes suddenly releases a car, would you feel a little suspect about that? Cars and Planes are very different, and just because you’re good at one doesn’t mean you’ll be good at the other. That’s what I thought about Safariland. Without a question, I’d strap a Safariland rig to my hip for duty carry. However, with so many other awesome companies making AIWB rigs, would I do the same for concealed carry?

Incog x in hand
The screw with the red washer is what adjusts retention. [Photo: Travis Pike]
What led me to the IncogX was the fact I wanted a holster for my Arex Delta rig, and guess what? Safariland listed the Incog X as compatible with the Arex Delta, so here we are. What sold me on the IncogX was the fact that Safariland teamed up with Haley Strategic Partners, aka Travis Haley, to produce the IncogX.

Inside the IncogX

This brought in a new mindset that likely helped Safariland break away from the standard duty holster. The IncogX comes primarily designed to be used as an AIWB rig, but you can easily remove the wing to make the holster a standard IWB design. The holster comes with three sets of clip strut shims that can be installed without tools with absolute ease to enhance concealment. These push the grip toward the body to hide the grip and enhance concealment.

Incog x wing
The wing makes the gun more concealable when carried AIWB. [Photo: Travis Pike]
The IncogX packs two over-the-belt polymer clips. This provides a great grip on the belt and makes it easy to remove the holster. The IncogX can use an optional mag caddy for a sidecar-like setup. The holster has an adjustable passive retention design that uses a simple screw to tighten or loosen the retention.

Finally, you might see the pictures and wonder why the design seems to have such an odd-looking texture. That’s a microfiber suede wrap fitted over the Boltaron holster body. This is designed to improve comfort when the holster inevitably rubs you when carried. It’s clever and admittedly feels nice and smooth on the body and hand. Overall, the IncogX seems to be a well-made holster.

incog x clips
The dual clips hook over the barrel quite well. [Photo: Travis Pike]

Initial Evaluation

My Arex Delta Gen 2 pistol fits nicely and securely. I adjusted the retention to tighten down on the gun. It came just a hair looser than I like. With just a few rotations, it was perfect. I always look for a few things with my concealed carry holsters. The first comes down to covering the trigger. Is it covered entirely and safely? If not, I toss it, but the IncogX had a completely covered trigger without a problem.

incog x front of gun
The IncogX is a collaboration between Travis Haley and Safariland. [Photo: Travis Pike]
Once the retention was cranked upwards, the holster passed the upside-down shake test. It didn’t fall freely, but I didn’t feel like I was trying to pull the sword from the stone. I’m always cautious with polymer IWB clips, but Safariland is pretty good at making polymer, and these clips seem quite robust. They are flexible enough to mount them to the belt easily but aren’t like the cheap FOMI clips that occupy the glut of Amazon special holsters.

It passed the eye and feel test, so I strapped the thing on and went to the range.

On the Draw

I always start slow with my draw and a new holster. It’s not just a little slow, but a dedicated five-second draw. I break each step down into a second, and this training style is something I learned from Travis Haley. Take it slow and make every movement perfect. Move from five seconds to four seconds, then three seconds, and then two. It’s a safe warm-up that allows me to get a feel for the holster.

drawing gun from holster
The holster allows for a nice, solid firing grip. [Photo: Travis Pike]
The IncogX granted me relief from a common problem my hands have with holsters: that sharp edge that catches my middle fingers. For years, I thought people just made bad holsters, and I realized my hands are larger than most shooters. However, there is no random edge on the IncogX to catch my hand and skin my finger, as I assume a good firing grip. The holster itself provides a great grip to the gun and makes it easy to achieve that solid firing grip.

incog x sitting beside gun
The IncogX fits the Arex Delta, which is a rare feat. [Photo: Travis Pike]
Once you’ve established a good grip, a quick tug frees the gun and lets you get it into action. I never found my cover garment, aka my t-shirt, getting caught on the holster and preventing clearance. In just a few practice draws, I was clearing a 1.5-second draw with an accurate first round on target.

Incog x in waist
The IncogX is a very modern option for concealed carry. [Photo: Travis Pike]
Everything about the draw feels smooth and comfortable. It adheres to my Arex Delta Gen 2 without any problems, even with a Steiner MPS mounted. It’s a ready rig that makes shooting quick and easy at the range.

Carrying Far and Wide

The IncogX makes carrying bigger handguns a breeze. The Arex Detla sits on the line between a Glock 17 and 19 in size. It carries and conceals very well with just a T-shirt. The struts really help push the grip in, preventing your shirt from hanging on the gun’s grip and creating a shelf-like design. Comfort is about the same with any AIWB rig. It’s never super comfortable, and you’ll never forget that you’re wearing a gun and holster.

It doesn’t cause pain or intense discomfort, but sitting in a car for a long ride gets a bit tiresome. If you can stomach that little annoyance, the IncogX offers a high-quality rig. It secures the gun and protects the trigger while securing the holster to your belt with ease. It’s a little bit modular with an adjustable ride height, struts, and a mag caddy option. It’s a modern rig, and I, for one, am now convinced that Safariland knows how to make more than duty holsters.

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner and a lifelong firearms enthusiast. Now that his days of working a 240B like Charlie Parker on the sax are over he's a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is probably most likely the world's Okayest firearm instructor. He is a simplicisist when it comes to talking about himself in the 3rd person and a self-professed tactical hipster. Hit him up on Instagram, @travis.l.pike, with story ideas.

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