The Maxim PDX: A New Standard for Compact PDWs SHOT Show 2019

The Maxim PDX

One of our very first stops at Range Day was the Maxim booth. The PDX got a lot of attention in the run up to SHOT, and for good reason. It is a rock solid and incredibly compact gun.

The guns they had on the range were all rifles. There is a pistol version that comes with a Maxim pistol brace, but these are all in that short-barreled category.

Maxim PDX SHOT Shot.
Is this the best compact stock on the market today? Discuss.

Their 5.56 has the shortest gas system on record. And it runs reliably well. The real question that arises is how this shortened system affects terminal ballistics. Short barreled guns take some of the punch out of the 5.56. Once we get a gun in for testing, we’ll clock speeds and see.

The performance, though, was superb. If a gun can stand up to the rigors of SHOT Show abuse, it is off to a good start.

Daniel ran the 5.56. I spent some quality time behind the 7.62×39. It ran well, too. I was shooting a suppressed gun. There’s something about running a quiet SBR that has an OAL that is shorter than your typical carbine.

Maxim PDX SHOT Shot.
Crappy image, yes, but it ended up being the best image I had to show the range of sizes. The compact Maxim PDX is really short.

The price on these dudes is going to keep many of us away. The rifle should come in north of $2K. Is it worth it for the shortest gun out there? That’s not a question I can answer for you.

Maxim PDX SHOT Shot.
I’m taking this guy to the range with me next time. He does good work.

I can say this. The Maxim PDX is ready to roll out of the box. Slap on an optic and you’re set. That’s important, as this AR patterned rifle won’t have some of the modularity you come to expect from the guns that come in at much lower price points. But that’s a new trend. To hell with the modularity that defined the AR-15. It is enough to build guns that look and feel familiar, and (arguably) improve on the decades old design.

David Higginbotham is a writer and editor who specializes in everyday carry. David is a former backcountry guide in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Boundary Waters Canoe Area who was a college professor for 20 years. He ultimately left behind the academy for a more practical profession in the firearms industry and was (among other editorial positions) the Managing Editor for a nascent Mag Life blog. In that Higginbotham helped establish The Maglife's tone and secure its early success. Though he went on to an even more practical firearms industry profession still, he continues to contribute articles and op-eds as time and life allow.

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