The Advantages of Coupled AR-15 Magazines

One of the advantages of the AR-15 rifle is the magazine capacity of the standard capacity magazines.  At 30 rounds, it seems like there are few problems that can’t be solved with a single standard capacity magazine.  When you consider the modern, reliable high capacity magazines that expand your round count to 40, 60, or even 100 rounds the options seem simply glorious.  Adding capacity isn’t all positives, though. Added magazine length can make shooting in some positions more difficult and the added weight can be a problem, not to mention the lack of flexibility that high cap magazines create.

If you are looking to increase the capacity of your AR-15 but want to maintain the flexibility that standard magazines offer, you might consider the ETS 30-round Magazine with Coupler.  The built-in coupler on the innovative ETS mag gives you the advantages of higher capacity at the ready while maintaining the flexibility of standard mags.  Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that a built-in mag coupler can provide.

Get Faster Reloads with Coupled AR-15 Magazines

The standard reason to add magazine capacity to your AR-15 is to be able to increase the volume of fire in a given period of time.  Reloading takes time, especially when you need to grasp a magazine that is securely tucked in a pouch.  With coupled magazines, reload time can be significantly decreased as your second magazine is securely located right next to the magazine well of your rifle.  As a result, the distance a fresh mag needs to travel to get to the rifle is greatly reduced in turn reducing your reload time.

Whether you are in training, practice, competition, or a home defense scenario, keeping your rifle fed is an important aspect of running an AR and coupled magazines can help you reload faster.

Reduced Magazine Length

One of the biggest advantages of coupled AR mags is the increase in capacity without a significant increase in mag length or overall footprint.  If you find yourself in a situation where you need to go prone to keep your profile obscured or to increase your level of precision, the extra length of hi-cap AR-15 magazines can be a problem.  The same is true when dealing with shooting over and around barricades or structures.

Coupled magazines keep you at a standard length and can help you to get small and stable while still having quick access to your reload.  An added bonus is that you won’t be laying on top of your reload.  Instead of in your chest rig, your ammo is hanging off the side of your rifle.

Quick Ammunition Change Over

Not all 5.56 ammo is suitable for every job.  When it comes to home defense it might make sense for you to have a lightweight hollow point load to reduce over-penetration.  Lighter bullets might not fair as well if you need to deal with an aggressive varmint at distance.  For this job, you may need a heavier precision round to get the accuracy to eliminate the threat. Or, if you find yourself in competition on a stage where you need to deal with both short-range and long-range targets, two different loads might be just what the doctor ordered.  Having coupled magazines can make it easy to swap to the right ammunition for the job.

ETS AR-15 magazine with coupler

Coupled AR-15 Magazines — Final Thoughts

Not everyone is looking to increase the capacity of their AR-15, but if you are, coupled magazines might be the solution you are looking for. The ETS AR 30C magazines are relatively inexpensive, durable, and can be coupled almost instantly with no extra parts needed.  If you are looking to hang more ammo off your AR, give the ETS mags a look.

Paul Carlson, owner of Safety Solutions Academy, is a Professional Defensive Shooting Instructor.  He has spent the past decade and a half studying how humans can perform more efficiently in violent confrontations and honing his skills as an instructor both in the classroom and on the range. Through Safety Solutions Academy, Paul teaches a variety of Critical Defensive Skills courses in more than a dozen states annually.  Courses range from Concealed Carry Classes to Advanced Critical Defensive Handgun Courses and include instruction for the defensive use of handguns, rifles and shotguns.  Safety Solutions Academy regularly hosts other industry leading experts as guest instructors to make sure that SSA's students have the opportunity for quality instruction across a broad range of Critical Defensive disciplines.


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