Tenicor ZERO Belt

We’ve all searched for the perfect low-profile concealed carry belt. Maybe some of us have found it, but if you haven’t, pay attention. Tenicor just released their newest belt — the ZERO belt. While it may be new to the market, it’s not new to Tenicor. They’ve been researching and developing the belt for over a decade and are finally ready to release it.

Tenicor ZERO belt
Tenicor has announced the newest addition to their product line, the Tenicor ZERO Belt. This minimalist belt has a low-profile appearance with no extra loops or Velcro.


  • Name: Tenicor ZERO Belt
  • Material: Webbing
    • Face Material: MIL-W-17337 nylon webbing
    • Support Webbing: Wilderness Tactical Products proprietary webbing with polymer belt end protection.
  •  ZERO Buckle: Hard Black Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum per MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2
Tenicor ZERO Belt Tail
The Tenicor ZERO belt has a unique design, basically, it’s the reverse of most other concealed carry belts. The tail of the belt thread through the buckle and then the tail tucks behind the other part of the belt sandwiching it between the belt and the body.

Tenicor made the belt that works so simple, it was almost too simple. How they put it, think of how you put on a belt, and then put this one on outside in. The tail of the belt gets fed into the back of the buckle and then rests between the belt and the body. This unique motion helps create a camming motion and builds tension to hold the belt in place meaning it will not slip while being worn. Additionally, since the belt does not have holes, Tenicor says that you will get
a more personalized fit while supporting your gear.

The belt’s name also sheds a light on its overall design. ZERO is a fitting name as there is no excess with the belt. The minimal nature of the belt means the buckle is low-profile and there are no loops or Velcro present on the belt either. The smaller size of the buckle also means that it won’t get in the way of other gear being carried in the front.

Tenicor Zero Belt everyday wear
The 1.5x thickness of the ZERO belt gives it just enough structure to keep things stable while the thinness allows for comfort to wear it all day.

Many belts that are flaunted as low-profile are really flimsy or don’t hold up to use. The 1.5x thickness provides the durability to hold up to daily wear without the rigidity of a gear belt. Tenicor partnered with Wilderness Tactical Products to bring a single layer of their proprietary webbing with a face webbing to add support without the bulk of other belts. The belt tails have been treated with WTP’s polymer that permanently protects the belt from fraying.

Zero Belt
The Tenicor ZERO belt employs proprietary webbing from Wilderness Tactical Products with their polymer coating on the belt ends to ensure it does not fray.

The Tenicor ZERO belt is available in different sizes from 28” to 44”. To order, Tenicor says to just use your pant size with no need for measuring your waist. They do say that if you wear an odd-numbered size that you should size up to the next size.

The Tenicor ZERO belt is priced at MSRP $59.

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