Wilson Combat SFX9: First Shots with the Honest Outlaw

If you’re into guns at all, you likely know that Wilson Combat doesn’t play around when it comes to building quality firearms. Here's a look at the SFX9.

Wilson Combat 6mm ARC

The Wilson Combat 6mm ARC—the WC-15—is being offered in 6mm ARC in two different styles of rifle, the Recon Tactical and the Tactical Hunter.

SFX9 — Wilson Combat’s Newest Addition to the X9 Family

WC says the SFX9 is light enough to carry for long periods of time but the solid grip shape helps control recoil during long training sessions.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 and Padron 1964: the Finer Things

Shooting is Dawson's ultimate passion, followed shortly behind by the soft curls of smoke drifting off a good cigar with a nice glass of bourbon. He has come to appreciate the finer things in life (like the Wilson Combat EDC X9 and Padron 1964 No. 4 Toro Maduro cigar). Here's why.

Wilson Combat Mags for 1911s in 9mm

If you're looking to add some Wilson Combat 1911 9mm magazines to your range bag, you already know the high-quality machining, customer service, and reliability that goes with the brand. Check out these models.

Top Five PCCs/PDWs that Take Glock Mags

Looking for a PCC or PDW that runs on mags you already own? Check out our top 5 choices for GLOCK mag fed PCCs and PDWs.

Davidson’s Exclusive Firearm | WCT Combat PPE Carbine

Forged upper and lower receivers, the PPE Carbine is based on the WC-15 platform. It's also chambered in a 5.56 NATO, with a 10.4" M-Lok rail, and has a Wilson Rogers Super Stock.

The Vickers Tactical Master Class 1911 – Fancy and Practical

The Vickers Tactical Master Class is aimed at defensive use. It’s a combat handgun first and foremost, and the design itself lends itself well to concealed carry.

GunMag Gun News 5×5 Friday — June 2020

Gun News, week of June 25. Sig Sauer announced a new member of the TREAD family. They also collaborated with Wilson Combat to produce an enhanced P320. Newly launched Voodoo Innovations announced two initial AR-15 offerings (with some badass names). Savior Equipment has a new firearm rack that holds 6 rifles and 8 handguns, and White Label Armory has some new parts that'll help lower your AR weight.

Massad Ayoob | Thoughts on 1911 Magazines

My first 1911 magazine came, not surprisingly, with my first 1911 pistol. It was a military surplus Colt, serial number 196246, produced in the year 1918.  The checkering was almost gone from its original walnut “diamond” style right grip panel, and the magazine in it was half blue and half white.  Didn’t have the lanyard loop on the floorplate that some did, but that would have been redundant to the lanyard loop on the pistol itself.  The year was 1960.  I was twelve years old.

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