Considerations for Lethal Force Part 3

If you have purchased or carry a gun for self-defense, you must consider all of these factors if you want to improve your chances of truly winning a fight that requires lethal force. The fight is not just physical, it’s also social, legal, and psychological. Include all of these considerations in your mission statement, your family plans, and your training, and you will greatly improve your chances of coming out of such an event with you and your family life in one piece.

Ramen Noodle Guns — How Much is Your Life Worth?

Ramen Noodle Guns are the guns often overlooked when people go gun shopping. They are often derided due to their price but do they work?

Considerations for Home Defense

Many misunderstand the topic of home defense. Here are a few basic concepts as Varg Freeborn sees them; Layout, Area of Denial, Penetration, and SetUp.

Home defense blaster basics: what to use, and why (one professional’s opinion)

What's the best gun for home defense? That's a question very often asked (and just as often hotly debated). In this primer, one of our crew provides his answer(s) to the question, and why he feels the way he does. Your opinion, and the next guy's, and your mileage, will likely all vary — but it's never a bad thing to research and discuss a topic of this importance, even if you disagree. That's how learning occurs.  

Adding a Pistol Light too: holsters and other considerations

Though it prob'ly seem counterintuitive, there is more to installing and using a pistol light than mounting it to the weapon. Ya got more than a few considerations beyond just throwing it on the end of your gun!

Adding a Pistol Light to Your Defensive Handgun: Part Uno

Putting a pistol light on your handgun is easy, but there are some things to consider first. Here are steps to take before doing so.

Red Dot Sights – the Basics (and a little more)

Looking to buy a Red Dot Sight, or learn more about the one you already have? This primer talks about the basics of the RDS: terminology, function, advantages and disadvantages, and other considerations.

Self-Defense Mindset | When is “Good Enough” Actually Good Enough?

The internet is full of people with strong opinions on every topic, and the topics of firearms and self-defense are no exception. Indeed, because of the serious nature of self-defense, opinions tend to be even stronger, and disagreements often get fueled by emotion and ego.  This can make it very frustrating and difficult for someone […]

How to lock back your handgun: Semi Auto 101

You can't safely operate a semi auto if you can't manipulate the gun. And locking the slide back is where more new shooters struggle. Here are some practical tips.

Magazine or Clip: Does it really matter?

It seems that gun enthusiast can get pretty worked up about seemingly silly issues. An example that easily comes to mind is how wound up gun owners can become about the use of proper terminology. More specifically, the misuse of terms like clip in place of the proper term magazine. I actually can see both […]

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