Weird Magazine Designs — Breaking Down the Odd

I love a good weird magazine and I don't mean Ripley's Believe It Or Not. If you're like me you'll want to take a look at this collection of weird magazine designs.

11 Weird Russian Guns — Beyond the Kalashnikov

Who doesn't love weird firearms? What happens when you add a splash of vodka?Well, you get our list of weird Russian guns, that's what.

The AR 410 — Makes Your Rifle a Scatter Gat

Ever want to convert your 5.56 rifle into a 410? Well, this Charles Daly upper allows you to make the AR 410 you've always wanted.

The Altor Pistol — A Modern CIA Deer Gun

The Altor Pistol is a single shot 9mm handgun that is strikingly similar to the CIA's Deer gun. Similar, but much better in design.

The Best Weird Guns — Strange, but Functional

Weird guns are my all-time favorite guns. Normal guns bore me rather fast. I like the weird, the silly, and sometimes impractical. I also own a good variety of weird guns. Some of them absolutely suck coughUSFAZIPGuncough, but others do this crazy thing where they actually work. These weird guns may not always be immensely […]

Weird Guns – Six Headscratchers That Kill Me

Weird guns: these bizarre firearm designs leave you wondering why. It drives me to drink, but I think you might enjoy what kills me slowly.

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