New Handgun Option: The Modlite PL350 Pistol Light

Modlite fans have been waiting for the Modlite PL350 weapon light for some time. It is finally here, as well as the "Modlite PL350 Holster".

The Rein Micro — A Compact Powerhouse of a Light

You want the world’s most potent weapon light, but you’re also a bit of a manlet. A big heavy weapon light is just too much for your underdeveloped biceps. The OWL is too heavy, as is the REIN. What’s a guy to do? Well, then I present to you the Rein Micro. I tease, I […]

Top Ten Weapon Mounted Lights for Long Guns

A solid WML may make all the difference if you unexpectedly need your firearm at night. Here's a rundown of the ten best weapon-mounted lights.

180 – New Streamlight Lights 2021

What new products is Streamlight rolling out in 2021? Listen in and learn about the company's competitive innovation and design principles.

Streamlight is Making Moves in 2021 – 5 Lights of SHOT

Streamlight owns the light industry with a little bit of everything and 2021 is no different. We got the scoop on the best lights of 2021.

Surefire XSC: Pocket-sized Weapon Light Power

I had the good fortune to attend an invite-only Surefire, LLC media event called Back to the Bills, this past August. Hosted by Oakgrove Technologies, Back to the Bills was an incredible three-day event that showcased an array of Surefire lights, as well as master-level instruction from Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack-Tactical, and Bill Rapier of American […]

Inforce WILD2: Weapon Integrated Lighting Device

The Inforce Wild2 pistol light is an aluminum frame weapon-mounted light (WML) first introduced at SHOT Show 2020. Like most pistol lights available (as of this writing), the Inforce Lights “Weapon Integrated Lighting Device” 2 is a dual battery (CR123) tactical light described by the manufacturer as a “full-size model”. This is probably to distinguish […]

SureFire Released the Micro-Compact Handgun XSC Weaponlight

SureFire announced the release of the XSC into the family of Micro-Compact Handgun Weaponlights. with three different XSC weaponlight options available.

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