Shootin’ Hack: How to Use a Rifle Sling

Does a rifle sling improve shooting performance? What things should you consider when choosing one? How do you use a rifle sling? Read this.

“Pistols of the Warlords” by Ian McCollum

Ian McCallum of Forgotten Weapons (aka Gun Jesus) has a new book about the handguns that Chinese warlords used. Get yer history on!

Review: Holosun 509T Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

Holosun offers reasonably priced sights that perform well. What sets the Holosun 509T apart from the older 508T? SuperSetCA takes a look.

9x19mm 101 with Sootch00

The 9x19mm round has come a long way since it was first designed by Georg Luger back in 1901. What's your preferred self-defense round?

All about the AK 12

This "Combat Approved" show about the AK-12 was maybe the best behind-the-scenes Kalashnikov programs we've seen yet. Check it out.

2021 Staccato P DPO 2011 Review – The Premium Duty Pistol?

Ever look at a pistol, fall in love and then see the price and wonder if it’s worth it? Well, the gents over at SuperSetCA took on that exact question with the 2021 Staccato P DPO 2011 duty pistol. With the price tag over $2K, many people may really wonder if the juice is worth […]

Lucky Gunner Ballistic Gel Test Results

What is ballistic gel and what is it used for? Here's how Lucky Gunner used it to do some ballistic testing of .38 Special and .357 Magnum.

How Do You Shotgun? Mossberg M500A, Benelli M4, and Beretta 1301

Some articles are just a pleasure to write, from start to finish. This is one of those. I had never heard of this reviewer before, and I don’t do a lot of shotgunning, but both of those are changing. The reviewer, Paul from SuperSetCA, seems knowledgeable, the video is interesting, and the production value is […]

SWAT Plate Carrier Setup | Iron Infidel

What does a SWAT plate carrier setup look like? Check out how Alex from Iron Infidel does his, from plates to accessories.

Forgotten Weapons: Chinese Mystery Pistols

History Buffs: what do you know about the chamberings and unique design features of a Chinese mystery pistol? Want to find out? Read it here.

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