AmmoLand TV Review of Walther PPQ Q4

Here's what the guys at AmmoLand TV found after testing the Walther PPQ Q4 Steel-Frame pistol with 1000 rounds. Pros, cons, and in between

Walther PPK Review | Olde English Outfitters

There's more to the iconic Walther PPK than what we see in James Bond movies, as we learn in this Walther PPK review by Olde English Outfitters.

Walther’s New Flagship Handgun: the PDP

The new Walther Performance Duty Pistol (PDP) is a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm handgun with a completely redesigned slide assembly.

Top 4 Budget Minded .380s and One that Isn’t

The .380 can be both compact and easy to control, which makes it popular for concealed carry. Here are our top 5 finds from SHOT Show 2019.

Walther P38 / P1: More Than 80 Years of Excellence

The P38/P1 is hammer-fired with a falling block locking mechanism. Would you carry a Walther P38 as an EDC gun (or for that matter the renamed P1)?

Walther PPK: “Polizei Pistole Kriminal”

The iconic Walther PPK (Polizei Pistole Kriminal) is a smaller version of the Walther PP (Polizeipistole), available in .22, .25, .32, and .380.

The Walther PPK/S – One Mighty 380

The Walther PPK/S was basically the world’s first Glock 19X. It was the first gun to combine a compact slide with a larger frame. This wasn’t to win a contest with the Army though. It was to skirt gun control laws: the PPK/S was born from the Gun Control Act of 1968. This new gun […]

The New Walther PPK: Would You Carry a 90-Year-Old Pistol?

The Walther PPK was designed for concealed carry. Now the 90 year old design is so much more than that.

Check Out the New Steel Framed Walther PPQ

Walther has a new gun in its lineup. The Q5 Match SF is a new evolution of the the PPQ line, and offers a serious upgrade over the existing line.

The New Walther PPK is Made in the USA

Walther's USA headquarters are in Fort Smith, Arkansas. While much of their line still comes from Germany, the Walther PPK has put roots down in the USA.

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