The Firefield Rival Foregrip | Review

Firefield Rival Foregrip combines vertical grip muzzle climb reduction with added pointability of a pure angled grip. After testing? It's worth every cent.

Strike Industries: Angled Vertical Grip with Cable Management

Strike Industries has announced the release of what they say is an engineered grip like no other—the Angled Vertical Grip with cable management.

Custom Grips and Accessories: Got Wood?

AR 15 wood furniture isn't terribly common (and maybe not particularly practical), but its proponents are increasing - and properly done it sure looks good! Check out the artisans at Indignant Arms and Blackwood Trading Company.

Ruger Precision Rifle – Makes Thousand Yard Shots Easy and Gobbles Up Any Magazine

Want to get into long-range shooting? Shoot to 1,000 yards or even a mile? You may want to give the Ruger Precision Rifle some consideration.

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