The Maglula – Save Them Thumbs

Nothing slows down range-time like loading mags. There's a great way to speed things up and it will save the wear and tear on your thumbs.

Our Top Three Magazine Loaders for Pistols

No one likes feeding magazines as much as they like pulling the trigger, but it is a necessary part of the process. There are some devices out now, though, that make the job easy. Here are three options that stand out.

UPLula Pistol Magazine Loader

<p>What is the best accessory to have for your handgun? The Maglula UPLula pistol magazine loader. Save your thumbs the pain of trying to load bullets into multiple magazines. Tried loading a full 30 rounds into a glock magazine? Nigh impossible with your bare hands. Tried using the factory magazine loaders? They help but there is a better and easier solution.</p>

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