175 – PHLster: Creating an Enigma

Daniel interviews Jon & Sarah Hauptman, founders of PHLster Holsters to discuss the company, the Floodlight, and recently launched Enigma.

The Floodlight PHLster Holster: Universality That Doesn’t Suck

The "Floodlight" PHLster holster is more than a universal holster; it's hands down one of the best light bearing holsters available. Glock, S&W...CZ P09? No problem.

Blackhawk Omnivore – Totally Not Terrible

The Blackhawk Omnivore is a surpsingly awesome option for those of us who need a universal holster option for weird and odd guns.

PHLster Floodlight: a Universal Holster Worth Carrying

Finding a true "universal holster" of high quality for a handgun has always been difficult, if not impossible. PHLster did something new: the Floodlight is built on retention of the light body instead of the weapon itself and can be used with most popular handguns with an X300 or a Streamlight TRL-1.

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