199 — Brandon Bridge – “Ninebanger” Average Joes

Otherwise known as Nine Banger and Possum Puncher, these guys from Average Joes Firearms Training Group join Daniel in today's podcast.

Training with Mantis X10 Elite

Four Guys Guns runs the Mantis X10 Elite and shows you what it can do to make you a better shooter with every session.

The Caldwell Target Turner — Get Moving

The Caldwell Target Turner does exactly as the name implies, it turns targets and adds a little movement to your training.

Is Your Gun Talking to You?

Ever take the time to listen to your gun? I don’t mean the loud “bang” that we protect our ears from. I mean paying attention to its operation.

Three Steps To Develop Your Ability to Shoot Consistently Well

Consistency in shooting well can be defined as “your ability to repeatedly perform at a known skill level." So how do you get there?

Jeff Cooper’s Drills – Old School Cool and Relevant?

These drills make up the firearm-based martial art known as Combat Shooting. We gathered three of the most famous Jeff Cooper drills for you!

Why You Should Take Shooting Classes

Can't you just watch YouTube videos and practice at the range? Do you really get anything out of organized shooting classes? Here's what Hilton Yam has to say about it.

“Reloadable” Training Guns: ASP Just Upped the Red Gun Standard

This ASP Red Gun has a working mag release and two inert mags to help you train for your regular M17 in a safe, more realistic manner.

GunMag Training Division: Preparing for the Hard Part

GMT's training is more than firearms training and tactical training. It's all-around gun life instruction preparing you for "the hard part".

Stress Shooting: Honing Accuracy To A Razor’s Edge

Did you know there is a way to turbo-charge your shooting skills while using less ammunition? Stress shooting. Yes, it’s that simple. You practice stress shooting.

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