Jeff Cooper’s Drills – Old School Cool and Relevant?

These drills make up the firearm-based martial art known as Combat Shooting. We gathered three of the most famous Jeff Cooper drills for you!

Why You Should Take Shooting Classes

Can't you just watch YouTube videos and practice at the range? Do you really get anything out of organized shooting classes? Here's what Hilton Yam has to say about it.

“Reloadable” Training Guns: ASP Just Upped the Red Gun Standard

This ASP Red Gun has a working mag release and two inert mags to help you train for your regular M17 in a safe, more realistic manner.

Stress Shooting: Honing Accuracy To A Razor’s Edge

Did you know there is a way to turbo-charge your shooting skills while using less ammunition? Stress shooting. Yes, it’s that simple. You practice stress shooting.

Attention – Force Center Open House August 28th-29th

The Force Center is a premier training facility in the southeastern United States. The open house will be a chance to see their capabilities.

Shoot House Courses: why take them?

Shoot house (or Range House, or Live Fire House) classes absolutely have a place in a good training regimen. It's more than tactical LARPing (though it does make you look kewl).

The Champion Bundle – All in One Plinker’s Package

Looking for an inexpensive way to pass time on the range? Grab your 10/22 and go. And check out this deal from Champion: two mags, a spinner, and a cleaning kit.

How to Tame Recoil and Increase Precision

If you want to increase speed and precision, you should start with recoil management. It isn't easy, but Joe Weyer has some tips.

Training with Your Smartphone For Free

Live-fire training is fun. Dry-fire dills, though, can be a bit... dry. Now there's an app for your phone that makes training easy and it can work with almost any gun.

What You Can Learn By Training at Home with Technology

Many gun owners never train. Ever. Others only put in serious effort when they are on the range. There are other options, and some of the latest technological gadgets make training safe and easy.

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