The Largely Forgotten AR-18 Was Not a Stoner Design (Entirely)

Much of the design work built on Stoners concepts, and efforts to develop the AR-18 largely took place after Stoner had left Armalite. Read more.

The Most Influential WW2 Weapons

Today we're traveling back to the 1940s and examining the most influential WW2 weapons. From SMGs to real MGs we'll cover it all.

Savage 1907: Not the 1905, and Not Even the 1911

The Savage 1907 is a storied gun. This is the pistol that went head-to-head with what became the 1911.

Chinese Warlord Pistols: Shanghai Model 1900 Pistol Carbine

There is simply no one like Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons when it comes to gun history. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a history buff or not; odds are you’re going to enjoy learning about guns from Forgotten Weapons. In this video, Ian McCollum gives viewers a better look at Chinese warlord pistols, specifically […]

MPiKM East German AK Review: Vickers Tactical Channel

In the video below, the Vickers Tactical Channel reviews the rare MPiKM, the East German AK. This is a fascinating look at a unique rifle that just might be the only one of its kind in the entire United States. A Rare Find Larry Vickers says he found this rifle at Century Arms. Apparently, it […]

Welcome Home | A Vietnam Machine Gunner’s Story: a short documentary film

Richard Martinez was a gunner on an M113 with 3/4 CAV during the Vietnam war. He talks about the M60 machine gun...and a whole lot more.

M14 EBR: the Most Beautiful Battle Rifle in the World

Fewer shooters have used the M14 EBR as intended than have the EBR 14 in their games. Fewer still love the most beautiful rifle ever made.

Detonics 1911 Combat Master

The Detonics 1911 is an old-school classic. Here's a look at the story of the Detonics Combat Master and the subcompact Glock. 

Mac 11 vs. Tec 9 – Battle of the Bangers

Who doesn't love the guns of Miami Vice? You know, weapons that can be used with one hand while racing your cigarette boat down the Miami coast. They don’t need to be accurate, easy to handle, or ergonomic, but they gotta cool. Which is better, the MAC 11 or Tec 9?

Have Legally Owned Automatic Weapons Been Used in Crime?

Did you know that actual studies show that most homicides involving firearms are, in reality, more often committed with large-caliber revolvers? Even in gang-related incidents, the use of automatic weapons is far and few between.

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