Taurus GX4XL — Extended Slide and Barrel Assembly

The Taurus GX4XL has a longer slide and barrel to boost accuracy and terminal performance. And, there's an optic-ready option. Check it out!

The Taurus TX 22 — It’s One Versatile Plinker

The Taurus TX 22 is a budget-friendly fun gun. While capable on its own, this is a great platform for a silencer.

The Taurus CT9 – the PCC That Coulda Been

Do you remember the Taurus CT9? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. It's the PCC we all forgot about, including the manufacturer.

Taurus 856 Executive Grade: a Stainless EDC Revolver Option

The 856 Executive Grade revolver, chambered in 38 Special +P, is designed as a high-end addition to the Taurus firearms line.

Taurus Defender 605 Revolver: “A Fine Little Old Fivegun”

Taurus released the Defender 605 .357 Magnum revolver earlier this year and it looks like the resurgent Brazilian firearms company has a winner on its hands.

Taurus Unveils new G3XL Pistol

The latest addition to the Taurus G-Series is the new G3XL pistol — the company's new take on a striker-fired pistol in an EDC 9mm pistol.

The New Taurus .327 Federal Magnum Revolver

Inspired by the Taurus 856, the compact new Taurus .327 revolver also accepts .32 H&R Magnum as well as .32 S&W Long. Here are the details.

Introducing the G3X: Taurus’ New Hybrid Compact Pistol

Taurus is introducing the new G3X 9mm pistol, a design hybrid of two of Taurus’ more recent semi-auto pistols—the G3 full-size and the G3C compact.

Taurus announces TX22 Competition SCR Pistol

Previously awarded Guns & Ammo Handgun of the Year, the Taurus TX22 has been re-engineered with the competitive shooter in mind.

Taurus GX4 Reviews: Solid Concealed Carry

The new Taurus GX4 clearly competes with big name subcompacts, but is aimed at shooters who don’t want to spend $500+ on a concealed carry gun.

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