GunMag School: Top 5 Rifle Drills

Check out our Top 5 rifle drills to work on with your AR-15. These drills are great for honing tactical skills and they're fun to do.

NOPD Shotgun Qualification Course — Scattergun Time

The NOPD Shotgun Qual is a 3-stage, multi-string affair. Today we take on the NOPD shotgun qual with a Benelli M4 and an open mind.

The New(ish) USMC Pistol Qual

The USMC pistol qual has changed. It's a little more tactical nowadays - what's it like for a former gyrene to shoot it as a civilian?

The GSARQ — AKA the Georgia Semi Auto Rifle Qual

Today we take on the GSARQ, aka the Georgia Semi Auto Rifle Qual. Is it worth the 28 rounds? Well, we intend to find out.

The MPTC Shotgun Qual — Shuck and Drive

The MPTC Shotgun qual is challenging enough to take your shotgun skill to the next level. See what it's all about here.

Pat Mac’s Spray and Pay Drill: It Pays To Be a Winner

The Spray and Pay drill (not Spray and PRay) from Pat Mac will challenge your shooting skill, hit you with some stress, and works that cardio.

The Wisconsin Handgun Qual — More Than Cheese and Beer

The Wisconsin Handgun Qual proves the great state of Wisconsin is more than cheese, beer, and the Green Bay Packers.

The LAPD Benelli Qual — Sunshine and Gas Guns

The LAPD Benelli Qual is meant to test your semi-auto shotgun shooting skills. Is it all Hollywood or is it worth a dang?

The Vermont Patrol Rifle Qual — More Than Maple Syrup

Today we are cruising to the Northeast to look at the Vermont Patrol Rifle Qual. Let's see what the syrup sippers get up to.

The Georgia Backup Weapon Qualification — It’s All Peaches

The Georgia Backup Weapon Qualification is all about the little guns and it's a solid choice as a concealed carry qualification.

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