New: Volquartsen 22 WMR/17 HMR Takedown Rifle

This takedown model is an answer to the need for small-caliber truck guns, backpack-portability, and easy storage in general.

Top Five Wilderness Survival Guns

What survival guns might you need in a TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) situation? Paul Harrell has some suggestions.

GunMag Gun News: 5×5 Friday | September 27th

GunMag's gun news - updates from firearm manufacturers, new releases, news on the tactical get the idea. Read up, see what's going on.

SHOT 2017 – Return of the 10/22?

<p>With the election in favor of pro-gun Americans, will the once market-dominating 10/22 return to it's former greatness?!</p>

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