Schooling Your Kids At Home? Why Not Use the Range as a Classroom?

Here are some ways you can take a break from the monotony of schooling at home, and use the local firing range as a classroom.

Take Your Kids to the Range: 6 Tips for a fun and successful trip

Range time can - and should - be a way to spend some quality time with your kids. It's an opportunity to teach a variety of skills, too. Here are a few ways to improve the planning and execution of a successful trip to the range with children.

Take the Kids to the Range: Ready for a shooting trip?

You have access to a shooting range for kids...are you prepped and ready to take your youngsters to the range? Are the children tprepped and ready?

The Best .22 for Teaching Kids to Shoot Safely

I take teaching seriously, and recently tested several .22 rimfire designs with some inexperienced shooters. Here's what I found.

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