Force-on-Force: Real-World Training without Risk of Death

It's impossible to fully replicate a real gunfight, you can come close with Force on Force training. It’s a highly effective training tool.

Weapon Light Use: Canopy Light vs. Direct Light

Canopy lighting vs. direct lighting - do you know when and how to use both, and how it relates to high ready vs. low ready positions?

Escape Routes: Defensive Mindset

Never go somewhere you don’t know at least 2 ways out if you can help it. Keep your head up, eyes open, and noticing what’s around you.

Bandolier Boogie: when things go bump in the night

An AR 15 bandolier (loaded up in a more thorough way than just a magazine bandolier) is a Good Thing to have, especially at night. Here's why.

174 – Force on Force Training

Podcast 174 is about Force on Force training. Who should take it? Why? What's the benefit of teamwork? How do you handle the aftermath of a gunfight? Listen and learn!


Atmospherics: the awareness of what’s going on around you. In certain cities now, that is a growing concern. Here's how observation of things like body language and movement can be key in avoiding trouble.

170 – Training: because we are all too easy to kill

The term "tactical training" is tossed around quite a bit, but what does it really mean? And isn't any training used defensively by definition "tactical"?

Surviving A Riot in Your Vehicle — Awareness and Training

With the high level of civil unrest currently racing across the country, unsuspecting motorists are suddenly finding themselves caught in the middle of riots. How do you survive this type of encounter if it happens to you?

Good notes: Ways to Maximize Your Training Investment

Good notes aren't something you should scratch out half-assed on whatever scrap of paper happens to be nearby. Check out these note-taking tips: Increase the value of your training investment.

166 – The Defensive Shooting: What Do You Do AFTER?

You’ve been involved in a defensive shooting — ideally a shooting and not a gunfight. What comes after? What should you do post-engagement? Here’s a hint: it’s not just flipping your head around dramatically in a theatric scan-and-assess. In today’s episode, we discuss what to do after. Though important, situational awareness is necessarily different in every […]

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