Pistol and Holster Fundamentals | Task and Purpose

Veterans who felt more comfortable behind a rifle, the guys from Task and Purpose sought greater confidence with a handgun. Here's what they learned.

GunMag Training Division: Preparing for the Hard Part

GMT's training is more than firearms training and tactical training. It's all-around gun life instruction preparing you for "the hard part".

Force-on-Force: Real-World Training without Risk of Death

It's impossible to fully replicate a real gunfight, you can come close with Force on Force training. It’s a highly effective training tool.

Weapon Light Use: Canopy Light vs. Direct Light

Canopy lighting vs. direct lighting - do you know when and how to use both, and how it relates to high ready vs. low ready positions?

Stress Shooting: Honing Accuracy To A Razor’s Edge

Did you know there is a way to turbo-charge your shooting skills while using less ammunition? Stress shooting. Yes, it’s that simple. You practice stress shooting.

Attention – Force Center Open House August 28th-29th

The Force Center is a premier training facility in the southeastern United States. The open house will be a chance to see their capabilities.

Good notes: Ways to Maximize Your Training Investment

Good notes aren't something you should scratch out half-assed on whatever scrap of paper happens to be nearby. Check out these note-taking tips: Increase the value of your training investment.

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