Women’s Tactical Shirt: Helmet vs. Tiara Style

Nothing says "women's tactical shirt" like one that has a fully decked out tactical helmet on it..complete with a (tactical?) tiara. And a rifle at the ready, too.

175 – PHLster: Creating an Enigma

Daniel interviews Jon & Sarah Hauptman, founders of PHLster Holsters to discuss the company, the Floodlight, and recently launched Enigma.

Concealed Carry options for women: Vakandi Apparel tactical leggings

Call 'em tactical leggings or tactical yoga pants as you prefer: the new womens tactical pants from Vakandi Apparel are increasingly popular.

160 – Off-Body Carry. Should you? Shouldn’t you? It depends.

Off body carry usually refers to the carry of a concealed firearm in an "off-your-person" location like a purse or a backpack. The method has pros and cons, which we'll discuss in this episode.

GC-115 Tatiana Whitlock | Training for Everyone

In Gunfighter Cast episode GC-115, I interview Tatiana Whitlock who is a top-level firearms trainer in every sense of the phrase but also excels in reaching the fastest growing demographic in firearms training —Women.  Tatiana breaks out of the typical schools of thought and practice and finds ways to truly reach ladies and get them excited […]

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