Swampfox TriHawk – A Surprising Class Leader

What's so special about the TriHawk? What's distinguishes it from a dozen other 3 to 4 power prism optics. Well…the field of view is worth discussing.

The Swampfox Blade – And How I learned to Love 1X Prisms

The Swampfox Blade 1X prism scope is a rather unique and well-designed optic. But why would you want a 1X Prism over a red dot? I'll give you 3 reasons why.

The Power of Prism Optics – Suck It LPVOs

Prism Optics seem to be making a comeback, and I'm happy to see it. For the contemporary semi-auto rifle or even a PCC, a prism optic can be an outstanding choice. New companies are joining the game. Swmapfox is making magnified prisms with a class-leading 52-foot field of view. Steiner is producing new Prism Optics, as is Athlon Optics.

Low Powered Variable Optic: Pros and Cons of the LPVO

An LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) provides a range of magnification to be selected by the person looking downrange. We'll look at pros and cons of its use.

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