How Does a Suppressor Work?

Beyond attaching it to the end of your firearm, how does a suppressor work? Here's a look at suppressor science and engineering.

New: B&T USA 5.7x28mm Suppressor Kit

For fans of the 5.7x28mm cartridge—and FN America's Five-seveN handgun—B&T USA has launched the Five-SeveN Suppressor and Barrel Kit.

Sig MOD X9 Selected by USSOCOM as Mk27 Handgun Suppressor

Mk27 is the SOF unique pistol known as the Glock 19 on the market with different models being used currently. Here's a look at the Sig MOD X9.

Free Suppressor Promotion | SilencerCo

The company that just launched the world's 1st truly modular big-bore suppressor is kicking off their Black Friday sale with this promotion.

The SilencerCo Hybrid 46M — Keep It Quiet

SilencerCo Hybrid 46M suppressor: works with everything from 9mm to 458 SOCOM, & it's modular in long or short configs for more user choice.

Bushmaster Firearms Announces All-New Muta Suppressors

Bushmaster Firearms just released their new Muta Suppressors. These will be available through distribution at your local firearms dealer. About the new Bushmaster Muta Suppressors From the company: The Muta suppressors are available in configurations for 5.56 MM caliber and 30 CAL. Our BM556 and BM30 are manufactured from high quality 17-4 H1150 stainless steel, […]

SilencerCo Adds Hybrid 46M to Their Product Line

The Hybrid 46M takes it to the next level for those who want the versatility of the Hybrid 46 with added modularity.

The Sinter 3D Printed Titanium Suppressor | Radical Firearms

The Radical Firearms "Sinter" is a 3D printed monolithic Titanium suppressor: it's 8 inches long, 16 ounces, and rated up to 300 WM.

Lone Star Silencers: Made in Texas with Love

HB957, proposed by Texas Representative Tom Oliverson, may change the popularity of Texas silencers - and the volume of shooting in Texas.

The Mute Suppressor: maybe not your typical can

The Mute Suppressor is an "advanced form 3D print" silencer manufactured using an advanced aerospace polymer...withOUT baffles.

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