The APC9K — The Lexus of 9mm Subguns

The APC9K from B&T is the ballerest PCC/Subgun. This little fella brings compact firepower wrapped up in a premium Swiss package.

The Top Five Subguns — Why The Little Guys Rule

Subguns are giant pistols derived from SMGs. They took the machine part out so I call them subguns. Here are the top five on the market.

Masterpiece Arms 9mm Defender (MPA 30) Pistol

The Masterpiece Arms 9mm Defender (MPA 30) Pistol: It’s cool-looking, it’s different, and it’s fun to shoot.  Masterpiece Arms makes a good product.

Kriss Vector SDP-SB: a Garand Thumb “tip to butt” exposition

The Kriss Vector really shines when used as a select fire subgun - and even better when it's suppressed. It makes for an interesting pistol too, however. Ask Garand Thumb how he knows.

Side-fed Subguns: going sideways

This is gonna go sideways! Subguns have been around for many years. Some submachine guns have a traditional design, others not so much. Here's a look at some of the most iconic models and why they were developed.

SMG Wannabes Vs Pistols – 9mm Faceoff

The new trend with gun manufacturers seems to be aiming at making guns that are designed to be big pistols, but small guns. They are often 9mm, semi-automatic, braced equipped pistols that look and handle like SMGs minus the full-auto factor. The newest SMG wannabes are sporting very short barrels, often times a short as […]

The Copperhead – SIG’s adorable SMG Pistol

Sig is pushing the boundaries with their tiny Copperhead. So how does this micro SMG run?

My Uzi Weighs a Ton: A Cigar-and-Gun Pairing Guide

Looking for a good cigar to cut the taste of an afternoon of select-fire fun? Try My Uzi Weighs a Ton.

Tension Shooting with a Sling

When I was 14 I decided I was going to join the Marines, at that point my life changed, or at least part of it did. I began consuming military fiction, and non-fiction and Tom Clancy made his way to the top of the pile. The original Rainbow Six was a favorite, and that is […]

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