Taurus GX4 Reviews: Solid Concealed Carry

The new Taurus GX4 clearly competes with big name subcompacts, but is aimed at shooters who don’t want to spend $500+ on a concealed carry gun.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol: Optics Ready Concealed Carry

Ruger's new MAX-9 steps right up to current market demand for higher-capacity, compact, optics-ready handguns for concealed carry. Here are the details, updates, and news of accessory options.

Safariland’s New 575 Slim Holster for Subcompact Pistols

Safariland's newest holster, the 575 Slim Pro-Fit Holster is compatible with an impressive list of subcompact pistols.

The XD-s MOD.2 OSP — Out of the Box

Springfield XD-s Mod.2 OSP is a single-stack, optics ready EDC pistol. This model comes with a Crimson Trace red dot. Here's how it stacks up!

US Military Limited Edition SCW Now Available to the Public

It's not often you can get an official US Air Force and Army weapon while it’s still in service, but for a limited time, you can grab a limited edition SCW!

Surefire XSC: Pocket-sized Weapon Light Power

I had the good fortune to attend an invite-only Surefire, LLC media event called Back to the Bills, this past August. Hosted by Oakgrove Technologies, Back to the Bills was an incredible three-day event that showcased an array of Surefire lights, as well as master-level instruction from Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack-Tactical, and Bill Rapier of American […]

Shooting Subcompact Handguns Well

<p>Small guns aren’t without their disadvantages. Subcompacts are lower capacity and that is the aspect most folks like to focus on, but as a professional defensive shooting instructor, what I tend to focus on when it comes to small guns is how different they can be to shoot.</p>

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