What About the Springfield Armory XD-E?

Springfield Armory knows their way around concealed carry. The XD-E is their latest update and adds some features some users have been asking for.

10mm or .45 ACP? The Springfield Armory TRP

If you had the choice between a 10mm and a .45 ACP in exactly the same gun, which would you choose?

A Quality Pocket Pistol: Springfield Armory’s 911

Springfield Armory is known for their 1911s and their pocket-sized 9mms and .45s. Now they're adding the .380 back into the mix. So what's the skinny on the 911?

Springfield’s EMP: The Scaled Down 1911

Springfield Armory makes solid 1911s. The EMP, though, is different. It is a traditional single action scaled down to run 9mm. So how does the redesign work?

The Springfield Armory 1911 TRP: An FBI Contract Gun for Regular Folks

There are many types of 1911s, and they're sometimes difficult to tell apart (at least from the outside). Springfield Armory's TRP is one of the best production 1911s available. What makes it so good? That's going to be a long list.

The Saint Edge – Springfield Armory’s New Rifle

<p>Springfield Armory launches a new Saint AR-15 rifle with high end components. It's called the Edge.</p>

SHOT Show Top 5 Meh…

<p>I’m not one to get pessimistic about SHOT Show. I wrote an article last week, actually, that tried to contextualize some of this year’s pessimism. There’s not going to be a ton of “new” on display. If you define “new” as something you’ve never seen before,  SHOT Show 2018 might feel like a real let down. Let’s look at a coupe of early examples.</p>

Springfield Announces 6.5 Creedmoor M1A

<p dir="ltr">In a move no one saw coming, Springfield Armory announced the release of an M1A rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.</p>

The Saint: Springfield Armory’s New AR

Springfield Armory announced a new rifle. It is more than "just another AR." In fact, the Springfield Saint sounds downright cool.

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