Running the Pump Shotgun One-Handed

Running the pump shotgun one-handed isn't easy, but possible. With a little practice of your skill and technique, you can make it work.

Center Axis Relock — Is It The Real Deal?

Is Center Axis Relock (CAR) the real deal? For confined spaces, I truly believe there is no better system. We'll explore why here.

Reaction Side Training And Tactics

Are you proficient at using your support side for various tasks? If not, you need to incorporate that side into your training!

Long Range Handguns: Yes, it’s a Thing

Do your long range handgun shooting skills matter? Will you ever need them? Here's why it matters and how to sharpen your long range skills.

Would You Hit It — Slide Release or Slingshot?

Which is more effective for sending the slide home on an auto pistol — the Slide Release method or the Slingshot method? Let's take a look!

Get Better at Locking Back the Slide

Shooting is the fun part of practice. There are skills that require more hard work, and they're important for those of us who carry concealed handguns.

GC-149 Carbine Stoppages | Part 1

If you shoot enough you're going to run into problems. In Gunfighter Cast episode GC-149 I talk about how to identify carbine stoppages and discuss a couple of speed reload methods.

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