Pat Mac’s Spray and Pay Drill: It Pays To Be a Winner

The Spray and Pay drill (not Spray and PRay) from Pat Mac will challenge your shooting skill, hit you with some stress, and works that cardio.

The Wisconsin Handgun Qual — More Than Cheese and Beer

The Wisconsin Handgun Qual proves the great state of Wisconsin is more than cheese, beer, and the Green Bay Packers.

The Georgia Backup Weapon Qualification — It’s All Peaches

The Georgia Backup Weapon Qualification is all about the little guns and it's a solid choice as a concealed carry qualification.

Dot Torture: Girls with Guns Take on the Drill

We're always on the lookout for a good drill, and “Run Gun Heather” from Girls with Guns demonstrates one for Dot Torture in this video.

The NRA’s Marksmanship Qualification Program — Summer Fun

While the NRA might draw ire, the Marksmanship Qualification Program is worth celebrating. It's perfect for new shooters.

The Tueller Drill

The Tueller Drill is a standard in police academies and is working itself into civilian training as well. Let's watch some scenarios.

Travis Haley — AK Magazine Changes

So you wanna get better at reloading AK magazines? Watch how Travis Haley incorporates deliberate practice and try it out for yourself!

The MPOETC Shotgun Qual – The Best One Yet?

Want to test your shotgun skills? The MPOETC shotgun qual is one way to test your mettle. Let's load up that scattergun and go.

New Jersey Police Subgun Qual — It’s a Jersey Thing

All Trav knows about New Jersey is that it's the Garden State, the Sopranos was filmed there, and that their LEOs have a great subgun qual.

Larry Vickers 5-10-15 Drill — Handgun Fundamentals

You don't have anything without the proper fundamentals. This is a "meat and potatoes" handgun fundamentals drill with Larry Vickers.

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