Customized Sig P320 M17 — Hilton Yam

Hilton Yam takes a deep dive in a two-part video and breaks down his experience with the Sig P320 M17, and which upgrades he chose.

With the Amend2 S300 Grip Module, You Can Use P365 Mags in Your P320!

The S300 Grip Module from Amend2 allows your P320 to utilize P365 magazines and shrink its overall size to something much more concealable.

Battle of the Compact Pistols: P320C vs. Glock 19 Vs. CZ P-10C

Compact pistols are the Goldilocks of pistol sizes. These pistols kill it in sales, but which is the best? Let's compare three crowd favorites.

P320 AXG Pro — Sig’s Full-Sized Addition to the AXG Lineup

Sig just added to the AXG lineup by announcing the full-sized model. It's a standard offering (as compared to Custom Works) — the P320 AXG Pro

The MCK From CAA – Loading Up A Micro Conversion kit

The CAA MCK famously gives your pistol subgun-like handling. But here's the question, is the juice worth the squeeze?`

Sig P320 45 ACP Mags and Grip Adapters

Looking for some replacement Sig P320 45 ACP magazines? We've got 'em! We've also got grip adapters for your sub-compact P320.

ProMag: Five Reasons To Take a Second Look

When you run into a magazine-based problem that’s not easy to solve, ProMag likely has a solution for you.

The P320 AXG — Steel Frame Fantastic

The Sig Sauer P320 AGX is the latest from Sig Custom Works. This metal-framed pistol departs from tradition and outperforms teh competition.

Sig Sauer Accomplishes Two Historical Milestones

As always, Sig Sauer is doing big things. This time around, they’ve achieved two historical milestones, in delivery and with the United States Military. Sig Delivers 200,000th MHS with Simultaneous Delivery First, Sig Sauer has delivered their 200,000th modular handgun system (MHS). And now they’ve just hit their first month delivering to all U.S. Military […]

SIG P320 Slide: new upgrade(s) from Killer Innovations

A new aftermarket SIG P320 slide is the latest bit of shootin' gorgeousness from Killer Innovations. Read what's coming, and why they think you'll like it.

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