The Five Best Shotguns for People Who Hate Shotguns

Do you hate shotguns? Do you still feel compelled to own at least one? Well, Travis has five picks that make it easy to own (or at least compel you to rethink things!).

The Shotgun Red Dot — Why Your Scattergun Needs One

You need a shotgun red dot. Well, if you own a shotgun you do. Red dot sights do wonders on shotguns and Imma tell you why.

Holosun 507C – 6 Months and 1,500 Rounds Later

The Holosun 507C is a miniature red dot that's seen a lot of use in my 6 months of ownership. How is it holding up? Let's see.

The Case for the Lightweight Shotgun

Simple, light, fast, and easier to engage, a lightweight shotgun makes sense in CQB. The Mossberg 500 Retrograde and Mossberg 590A1 fit the bill.

Tube Vs Mag Fed Shotguns – What Works?

The rise of mag fed shotguns can’t be ignored. We went from a time where Saigas were the only magazine based shotguns to a time where Remington and Mossberg have both released mag fed shotguns. Rock Island Armory has produced four magazine fed shotgun models, and so have a half dozen other small companies. We […]

Ramen Noodle Guns — How Much is Your Life Worth?

Ramen Noodle Guns are the guns often overlooked when people go gun shopping. They are often derided due to their price but do they work?

VRPA40 – Armscor Mag Fed Pump Action

The Armscor VRPA40 is an excellent mag-fed pump-action shotgun. It enhances the respected and well-made VR series magazine by giving you 5 to 19 rounds on tap.

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