Mesa Tactical (and now MesaTac) New Rifle and Shotgun Accessories

Mesa Tactical has made a name for itself and filled a solid niche in the tactical community by producing various shotgun accessories over the years. This year at SHOT Show 2022 they revealed a subsidiary named Mesatac. Their focus will be on accessories for the AR-15. New Rail for RDS One of the items on […]

SHOT SHOW 2022: New Gear

Check out the new gear coming out up to and during SHOT Show 2022. Check back often for more updates throughout SHOT week.

SHOT Show 2022: New Guns, Accessories, and Training

Can't make it to SHOT Show 2022? Here's a quick look at the new guns, accessories, and training aids. The list is growing so check in often!

APS Just Rolled Out a Universal Dynamic Pistol Rest for SHOT 2022

One of the more exciting new products we got to see at SHOT Show 2022 was a new Dynamic Pistol Rest from Accurate Pistol Systems (APS). You may have seen the USA 1 Shot before, but this version, the USA 1Shot GS, is the first universal fit. Background Back in 2016, one of my local […]

Desert Tech Quattro-15: She’s Thicc (And We Like It)

Desert Tech hit SHOT with two new products, including the proprietary Quattro-15 receiver and its Quadmag-53 magazine. Check em out here.

The Ounce – The Most Bizarre Little Pistol Is a Pound of Cure

Check out the Ounce from Third Bay LLC. It's most certainly the weirdest weapon of SHOT, and possibly the weirdest weapon ever.

Maxim Defense: MD-15 and MD-1505 Low Profile and Patrol Rifles

Maxim Defense is going standard! And not in a bad way. Let's check out the two new ARs from our short-barreled buddies.

The YKMF-5 By Quarter Circle 10

The YKMF-5 delivers a weird corss between an AR and an MP5. Does this weird almagamation make sense? Well we dived in to find out.

New Vertx Jeans: Defiance & Burrell

These new Vertx jeans look like a regular set of jeans, which means they already accomplished their purpose of keeping a low profile.

Maxim Defense MD11

Maxim Defense is switching gears from close-range engagement platforms to a much longer range platform, with the Maxim Defense MD11.

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